Isolating Israel Will Not Create An Independent Palestinian State

Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo today emphasized that symbolic actions to isolate Israel at the United Nations in September will not create an independent Palestinian state.

At an open Security Council debate on the situation in the Middle East, Ms. DiCarlo emphasized that the United States is committed to a just and fair resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Today is our last open debate on the Middle East before the opening of the next UN General Assembly. Let there be no doubt: symbolic actions to isolate Israel at the United Nations in September will not create an independent Palestinian state. The United States will not support unilateral campaigns at the United Nations in September or any other time.” -Ms. DiCarlo

She stressed that the only place where permanent status issues can be resolved, including borders and territory, is in negotiations between the parties-not in international fora such as the United Nations.

“We are also continuing our support for the Palestinian Authority’s important efforts to strengthen the Palestinian economy, enhance the capability and professionalism of its security forces, and build up the necessary institutions of statehood.” -Ms. DiCarlo

She reiterated President Obama’s statement that Palestinian leaders will not achieve peace or prosperity for their people if Hamas insists on a path of terror and rejection. She added that Palestinian leaders must also take further steps to combat incitement to violence.

“Hamas must immediately and unconditionally release Gilad Shalit, who has now suffered in captivity for more than five years.” -Ms. DiCarlo

She pointed out that a viable and sustainable peace agreement can only be achieved by mutual agreement of the parties themselves. She further said only through serious and responsible negotiations can the parties achieve the shared goal of two states for two peoples, with a secure, Jewish state of Israel living side by side in peace and security with an independent, contiguous, and viable state of Palestine.

“This is the goal. This is the vision. But there are no short-cuts. We call again on all member states to encourage the parties to take the constructive actions to promote peace-and to avoid actions that could undermine trust, prejudge negotiations, or place the temptations of symbolism over the hard work of reaching agreement.” -Ms. DiCarlo

Ms. DiCarlo reiterated that U.S. administration for decades do not accept legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity. She noted that the fate of existing settlements must be dealt with by the parties, along with other permanent-status issues. She stressed that Israel should continue its efforts to deter and prosecute anti-Palestinian violence perpetrated by extremists.

“The recent seizures of advanced weaponry bound for Gaza, as well as the recent and alarming rocket and mortar attacks on Israel from Gaza, should remind us all that Israel continues to have clear and legitimate security interests regarding cargo bound for Gaza.” -Ms. DiCarlo

She stressed that the United States is working closely with Israel, the international donor community, and the Palestinian Authority to deliver critical assistance to the people of Gaza.

Mina Fabulous
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