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Siavosh Rajizadeh is a law student and human rights activist with roots in Iran, who now lives in the Netherlands. Siavosh regularly writes about Iran’s politics and human rights issues.

US Still Holds The Key to Save Lives of 3,400 Innocent...

Mohsen Ansari, a MEK resident of Camp Ashraf, died on August 18 due to medical blockade by Iraqi forces; He could be still alive if America had kept its promise to protect Ashraf

Should US back Iran Opposition by Delisting the MEK?

A bi-partisan panel of U.S. Congress and senior former public and national security officials expressed their views about the US obligations to protect the people in Camp Ashraf, and prospects of a democratic change in Iran.

A Candle in The Dark

A fundraising campaign by the Iranian Opposition satellite channel Iran tv has mobilized masses in Iran and all across the world for support.

What Will Happen to Our Loved Ones in Camp Ashraf?

The idea of displacing the residents to another location away from the world's watchful eyes was first suggested by the dictators in Iran to pave the way for another bloody slaughter.