Martin Kobler Lies To UN Security Council

Disgraceful lies of Martin Kobler in the Security Council session in order to overlook the serious security risks at Camp Liberty

There is a consensus that Camp Liberty still faces criminal threats from the clerical regime in cooperation with the Iraqi government. Distorting the facts, Martin Kobler made an effort in his propaganda speech on March 21, 2013 filled with lies and falsifications. His aim was to overlook the serious and blatant security risks against Camp Liberty residents and to go round the fact that no preventive measure has been taken in this camp.

Kobler Defers To The Untrustworthy Iraq Government

tahar boumedra exposes false un reporting
Mr. Tahar Boumedra, A United Nations representative, exposes false reporting by the United Nations and inhumane treatment by Iraq, against the PMOI members in Ashraf.

Kobler grandiloquently repeated the same false promise, stating “The government has assured me that it will spare no efforts in preventing further attacks.” He himself had no doubt that this was completely false. Prior to this, the residents’ representatives wrote to Kobler’s deputy: “If you intend to raise the level of the security through the GOI, this will mean nothing but to leave the birds’ nest to the jackals and then await their fourth killing. Instead of pretending that the situation is normal and overlooking the real threats, try to transfer all the residents with no exception to the United States in a concrete and short period of time and if this is not feasible then as the only practical way transfer them all to Ashraf to be taken to third countries from there. It is only by this way that Mr. Kobler’s fault and that of the UNAMI could be reduced to a certain extent.” UN ‘An Instrument’ in Hands of Iraqi Government

Kobler Covers Up Security Situation

In the March 21, 2013 Security Council session, Kobler intentionally covered up the fact that the security conditions at Camp Liberty have by no means changed and the residents are now as vulnerable as they were under the February 9 missile attack. Forty days after the criminal assault, not even one T-wall has been returned to the camp out of the 17500 removed T-walls that were formerly shielding the Liberty trailers. The residents have not been allowed to take their protective helmets and vests from Ashraf to Liberty. Neither was the basic medical equipment allowed to be transferred from Ashraf to Liberty. The residents were prevented from doing construction work and in spite of repeated demands by the residents for increasing the camp area in order to reduce the vulnerability and the casualties, this has not been done.

Kobler Leaks Secret Humanitarian Offer As Propaganda

Kobler misused the humanitarian act of the Albanian government in accepting 210 of the residents for his own propaganda purposes in order to go round the urgent security crisis and to deviate attention from his own destructive role in forcefully evicting the residents and transferring them from Ashraf to the Liberty killing field.

The issue of residents’ transfer to Albania has been on the table for more than a year and the government of Albania had agreed on the transfer of 210 residents since November 2012. At that time, the residents gave the government, the UNHCR and the United States a number 1 priority list of patients and residents who should be transferred first, and have been waiting and still waiting for their rapid transfer.

On March 21, on yet another occasion, the residents’ representative sent the same list of number 1 priority to the UNHCR for transfer to Albania. In January, envoys of the Iranian resistance met with senior officials of Albania in Tirana, accepted all the expenses and urged that government for an increase in the number of residents to go to Albania.

By publicizing this issue, Kobler opened the way for the Iranian regime’s interference making it impossible or very difficult to increase the number of residents for transfer. Officials of the Iranian Resistance had been discouraged from making the issue public since last year by the Albanian and the US governments.

Kobler Interferes With Access To UNHCR

Kobler is playing a very destructive role by interfering with the relations between the residents and the UNHCR. Prior to this, residents and their representatives wrote on a number of occasions including in their letters of February 22, 23 and 24,2013 to warn Kobler’s deputy on this matter. They wrote: “We are in contact with the UNHCR at Liberty and Geneva and in order to prevent further massacre, we severely warn Mr. Kobler to beware and not to intervene and make obstructions on this matter. Pressurizing the residents to continue with the interviews instead of resolving the urgent issue of security is only a mask to cover up the essential dilemma of security and it will increase the dangers which a great majority of the residents who will be remaining in Camp Liberty for a long time would face. I strongly recommend the residents and you not to fall into such a bloody trap. It is indeed a despicable act to endanger others’ lives.”

Useless Talk, Time Wasting By UN Representatives

Struan Stevenson, President of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq, on February 28 wrote to the UN Secretary General:

“at this point, protection and security of the Liberty residents must have total priority. A repeat of the February 9 disaster should be prevented at any cost. Obviously there is no guarantee that the 3100 residents crammed into Camp Liberty can be properly protected and indeed the government of Iraq has clearly stated that it cannot prevent further rocket attacks against the camp.”

“Accordingly, there are only two solutions conceivable. Either all of the residents, without any exceptions, should be temporarily transferred to a location in the United States or Europe, or be returned to Camp Ashraf so they can be resettled from there.”

“There are two main elements involved in considering both solutions. First, as already stated, is that either solution should include everyone, without any exceptions. Secondly, the urgency of the matter, as we should not waste more time in useless talks and continue the past processes, giving an opportunity for the next catastrophe to take place.”

Kobler Facilitates Theft Of Property By Iraq

Bringing up the issue of property and the 100 remaining residents in Ashraf is another suspicious act by Kobler in order to evade the issue of the residents’ security and could at any moment lead to another attack similar to that of February 9. Kobler is also facilitating the Iraqi government’s efforts to steal the residents’ property. Following the February 9 massacre, on several occasions he claimed that the Iraqi government had agreed to the residents’ conditions to sell their property. The residents and their representatives have on numerous occasions announced that they will not fall into the deadly trap of Kobler’s property games until the urgent issue of security is resolved.

Kobler’s Mission: Destroy The Iranian Opposition

Since Kobler’s mission to dismantle the opposition and his promise to the Iranian regime’s ambassador in Iraq that half of the PMOI members would return to Iran once transferred to Liberty have failed; therefore, he is repeating the bogus tale that the camp leadership “not to prevent residents who wish to leave.” He makes this absurd claim even though since February 2012 until today more than 2,000 of the residents have been interviewed by the UNHCR outside the camp and in private, sometimes as many as 17 times, and UNAMI monitors have had access to everyone and all sites and interviewed them privately. On many occasions they even encouraged the residents to leave the camp and hand themselves over to the Iraqi forces.

Kobler Lies About Medical Conditions

The lack of basic medical supplies in the Iraqi medical clinic in Liberty has led to the death of several patients; however, Kobler seeks the camp leadership’s cooperation with Iraqi officials regarding medical cases. This is a ludicrous and disgraceful act that lays the foundations for another massacre in Liberty.

In a statement on March 14, the NCRI explained the grim consequences of the inhumane medical siege and stated: “On the one hand, Liberty residents are denied minimum medical facilities which they had in their own clinic at Ashraf and the GOI prevents their transfer to Liberty, and on the other, the Iraqi clinic in Liberty lacks minimum necessities and preliminary equipment needed to take care of emergency cases, and the residents have no free access to medical services.”

“This clinic does not have suction apparatus, airway tubes, laryngoscope set and endotracheal tube, D.C shock device, Adrenalin and Zantac injection, IVG-tube, CV Linen set and many other requirements that could be found in any small clinic.”

“By making lies and deception, Martin Kobler tried tens of times to represent the Iraqi clinic as a well-equipped medical center.”

Kobler Staff Intentionally Provokes Residents

In his report to the Security Council, Kobler asked the residents “to abstain from aggressive behavior against our UN monitors. UN monitors must be able to freely interact with the residents of Camp Hurriya.” Kobler is apparently referring to a case involving an individual named Massoud Durrani. On Kobler’s instructions, on March 14 after the martyrdom of Hamid Rabi, the eighth resident who died due to the February 9 missile attack, this individual went to Camp Liberty and in order to provoke the residents regarding his death, he said with sarcasm: “No worries. He will go to heaven!”

In a letter on March 14 to the UN Secretary-General, the residents’ representative wrote in this regard: “such behavior… would it be the conduct of a UN observer or a personal staff member of Kobler serving the mullahs’ Gestapo? … insulting behavior, is an effort to smear the role of Kobler and … German Ambassador to Iraq, that their one-month delay in sending Mr. Rabi to Germany resulted in his life being lost.” The residents announced that they will no longer talk to this person.

Kobler And Kobler Staff Ignore Letters

10) From day one, UNAMI observers had full access to all the residents. Furthermore, the residents’ representative on March 8, 2013 wrote to the Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs: “representatives in Liberty and Ashraf have asked him repeatedly, both orally and in writing (including in 18 August and 12 November 2012 letters to Kobler and in 14 November 2012 letter to Kobler’s deputy), when, where, and who has prevented which monitor or UNAMI official from having free access or from having private interview, he had no response and he never answered our request to clarify this allegation. Today there is no doubt about Kobler’s incitement. This way he intends to prepare the grounds for and to justify the probable assault by Iraqi forces against Ashraf or Liberty.”

On August 18, 2012, the residents’ representative had written to Kobler: “Opening the doors of Liberty to lawyers, journalists, parliamentarians, and human rights defenders that we have been calling for from the onset is the only viable way to put an end on these allegations. In insist that in line with the February1, March1, and March 28 statements of the UNHCR, in an official statement defend the freedom of movement of the residents and opening the doors of this detention center so that everyone, except the religious fascism ruling Iran, would have free access to Liberty and its residents.”

United Nations Believes Kobler Lies

The criminal threats to the residents of Camp Liberty described here, have all been brought about by the lies and deceit of Martin Kobler, The Special Representative of The United Nations. Kobler has obfuscated the truth and he has told blatant outright lies to the UN Security Council. Mr. Ban Ki Moon has not replaced Martin Kobler, even after so many lies, so many fabrications, so many disasters, so it can only be assumed that the United Nations is purposely siding with the Mullahs of Iran.

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Shahriar Kia is a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK). He is a human rights activist and political analyst on Iran and the Middle East.