Camp Liberty Comes Under Heavy Rocket Attack

Rocket attack on Camp Liberty

At 20.35 local time today Camp Liberty came under heavy rocket attack. Further reports about this criminal attack will be announced as soon as they are received.

There were no deaths this time, but a number of Camp Liberty residents were injured.

The criminal attack was carried out by the militias affiliated to the regime’s terrorist IRGC Quds Force in Iraq. More than 50 rockets were fired at the Camp, and several struck outside the camp perimeter.

The rocket attack took place while in the past eight days Iraqi forces have in an inhuman act prevented the entry of fuel, food and medicine into the camp, and the blockade is continuing.

Here is the latest video on the missile attack. A report from inside the camp informs NewsBlaze that 50 people were injured. This attack followed 8 days of #Inhumanesiege, the blockade of Food, Fuel and medicine against the residents by Iraqi forces controlling the camp.

This is not the first time this camp has been under attack. These attacks are all orchestrated by Iran and many carried out by Iraq.

The United Nations and The United States of America are supposed to be protecting the Iranian dissidents inside Camp Liberty.

On the Fourth of July, while Americans are celebrating their Independence Day, the US government is again doing nothing while their new friends in Iran are running a rocket attack on unarmed defenceless Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty, Iraq, near Baghdad Airport.

The previous attack was in October 2015. 23 residents of Camp Liberty were killed at that time. Later Barack Obama signed an amendment to protect Camp Liberty residents. It has apparently done no good.

In 2013, a previous deadly rocket and mortar attack on the same camp killed six and wounded scores of others. At that time, the State Department called it Camp Hurriya.

US Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland said the U.S. condemned “in the strongest terms the vicious and senseless terrorist attack that took place at Camp Hurriya.”

That condemnation without action did not stop the next two attacks.

Camp Liberty resident killed in rocket attack.
Camp Liberty resident killed in 2015 rocket attack.

Source: Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 4, 2016

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