What to Expect When Working in Fashion Industry

What to expect when it comes to working in fashion and getting your foot in the door?

When it comes to the subject of beauty and fashion, I’m a woman that is stylish whereas. I set my own trends as the fashionista. I however, got into writing about fashion for my love of shoes, bags, clothing and accessories. Watching bad fashion transform into something so hot gives me interest.

I’ve always been a trendsetter and I know what to expect when it comes to working in fashion and getting your foot in the door.

When you work in fashion, you have to make sure that everything is in order such as the clothing, the media list, major hot designers that you have to keep up with those files, the rolodex of events and venues and of course, promoting and showcasing new designs that’s on the market. You must always be on your A game depending on what department that you work in because when you work in fashion, you must always dress the part when you work in the fashion industry.

Which of course, fashion is such a great thing and most women worship fashion and starts to follow trends and even write editorials in order to get a job in the fashion industry. Working for fashion has its perks cause believe it or not, when you work in the industry, you get invited to a lot of exclusive events and receive free stuff. Of course, not to mention, the great discounts of beauty items on the market as well as free products that you have to test and promote are irresistable.

I write for examiner.com as a NYC Runway Fashion Examiner and I get VIP to all goodie bag events. I know what’s new on the market and what fashion event that’s going on cause I’m always on assignment.

But what are the responsibilities of working in the fashion industry:

-Finding what’s new on the market

-Post and Promoting events

-Creating editorials on strictly beauty and fashion

-Running errands and finding what’s new on the market

-Finding events and venues for fashion shows

-Assisting with run through of fashion

And last, but not least, interviewing the designers for their up and coming show as the next hot thing as well as attending fashion shows which every woman would dream about such as getting the VIP treatment as well as free goods.

So, there you have it, when you work in fashion and when it comes to getting your foot in the door which of course, you must have a powerful resume that has fashion and beauty experience and of course, an excellent cover letter that screams fashion.

Nadia Cherubin is a passionate writer, author, fashionista and trendsetter who writes about entertainment and fashion. Contact Nadia through NewsBlaze.