Christian Leaders Have Another Opportunity to Hone Skills at Pastor Chris’ Global Ministers’ Classroom

The Global Ministers’ Classroom (GMC) with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a special program catering to all ministers of the gospel, Christian leaders, teachers, pastors, evangelists and ministry executives worldwide.

The 5th edition of the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is about to take place. It is a free, online, 24-hour interdenominational event held through the International School of Ministry (ISM).

Christian Leaders are able to hone their skills at the Global Ministers' Classroom with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
Christian Leaders are able to hone their skills at the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

The ISM was founded under the Christ Embassy umbrella in 2007 by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to cater to the spiritual academic needs of all people of the gospel.

This year’s edition of the Global Ministers’ Classroom is scheduled to take place on Friday, 2nd of June at 9 AM EST and ends on Saturday, 3rd of June.

Registration takes place on the International School of Ministry’s website.

The program includes lectures from seasoned senior ministers from the International School of Ministry, impactful testimonies from previous participants and a segment of questions and answers where Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will address all questions from the audience.

According to the ISM, the 24 hours will be an extraordinary time of revelations and wisdom impartation for spiritual input in these last days.

Pastor Chris: “Carry out the Lord’s instructions”

The Man of God, as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is affectionately known by his followers, told the global audience that “a minister carries out the Lord’s instruction.”

“Ministers of the gospel, prepare for the program and pray about it … It is the Spirit’s call; it is a moment of mobilization; God is mobilizing His army; He is getting us ready for the final phase for the work of the church in this world,” he explained.

“Understand that all the things we are doing for the Lord on earth today are not an end in themselves. They are trainings for greater kingdom responsibilities ahead,” he said in preparation for the Global Ministers’ Classroom 2023.

“Great ministers are products of special meetings with the Holy Spirit,” he added.

Pastor Chris heightened the building expectations as participants count down to the Global Ministers’ Classroom by adding:

“What God thinks about your work is what matters, not what men say. Men may praise you but does God?” he asked.

Classroom Testimonials

Global Ministers’ Classroom attendee: “My church has experienced increased growth”

Participants from previous editions of the Global Ministers’ Classroom have testified to the great impact the program has had on them as they recount their experiences.

Pastor Martinis Marinko, from Croatia testified: “I attended GMC 2022 and experienced a tangible increase in the anointing of God’s Spirit in my personal life and ministry. My church has also experienced increased growth tremendously ever since.”

Another grateful testimony came from Pastor MV. Thomas from India who said:

“Through the teachings at the GMC, my leadership capacity was greatly increased. I became more committed to the vision of global evangelism, which led me to travel to countries such as Singapore and Bangladesh, to host Ministers Conferences for the training and equipping for more ministers for phenomenal ministry impact.”

“Following my participation in the GMC, the fire and passion to win more souls for Jesus was greatly stirred. I held a crusade in Nairobi, Kenya and packed out the stadium. Thousands of souls received salvation and many miracles were recorded. This brought about an increase in my church growth,” testified Pastor Judah Kalinga from Uganda.

The tools imparted at the Global Ministers’ Classroom have allowed the participants to fulfill their roles in evangelism and allowed them to be transported by God’s Spirit to higher levels of effectiveness in their ministrations.

Global Ministers’ Classroom Ambassadors

Participants to become more effective ambassadors for Christ

In a usual manner of gratitude, church workers join Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in praying and thanking God for all ministers that will participate in the Global Ministers’ Classroom this Friday.

“Declare that as a result of their experience with Him and His word at the program, they will become more effective ambassadors for Christ, reaching out and taking the good news of divine life everywhere they go,” the pastor said.

The Global Ministers’ Classroom will be broadcast live all over the world in every major language so that every minister, evangelist, missionary, pastor and member of the gospel will have an opportunity to participate in the global event.

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