Monday, December 18, 2017
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Sally Gray is a writer, photographer and editor for NewsBlaze. Sally is also a highly skilled knitter, who makes exquisite sweaters, scarves and socks and loves to craft complex cables. Sally prefers photography to editing and editing to writing.

Philip Kapneck Gives 40 Years of Service as Maryland Trade Ambassador

Philip Kapneck celebrates 40 successful years as Maryland Trade Ambassador. Governor Marvin Mandel first appointed Philip Kapneck to the Trade Ambassador post in 1974, after he had been to Brussels, Belgium ... Read More ...

Sacramento Gas Price Rockets Upwards

The national average has increased 21.5 cents per gallon during the last month and stands 76.5 cents per gallon higher than this day one year ago.

Ravelry Ravelympics Comes to Folsom

The hugely popular social website for knitters, Ravelry, launched their Ravelympics group again, this time during the 2010 Winter Olympics being held in Vancouver Canada.

Worst TV Olympic Coverage Ever

It's tragic that the American public is fed this crap. Who knows what time the Olympic ceremony really started. We were told here in California that it would be 7.30pm on NBC.

From Where I Stand, Jazz CD Review

Move over George Benson and Barry White, Bill Ortiz has just taken over the crown of most romantic musician.

Bat Out of Hell DVD Review

Meat Loaf's voice was magnificent, and to see him on stage reinforces for me what a terrific talent he was in the 1970's. The DVD runs for about 89 minutes and after dancing around and listening to it, I realised...

Holiday Wedding on Historic Sutter Street

This is Folsom, where people are always glad to come together to have fun and support each other.

Slow Cooker Comfort Food Hits The Spot – Book Review

From the moment I opened this book Slow Cooker Comfort Food it has not been far from my side. I have even taken it to bed with me and read it like an old fashioned well written romance novel.

Educational Italian Recipes

This is a well presented history, geography and story book as well as being the consumate slow cooking recipe book. I quickly flicked through the pages noting a couple of recipes that...

Lambtown Attracts Thousands To Interesting Event

The 23rd Annual Lambtown, USA Festival, yesterday at the Dixon May Fairgrounds, saw business and community come together for an outstanding hometown community event, attracting thousands of visitors.