Friday, December 15, 2017
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Sally Gray is a writer, photographer and editor for NewsBlaze. Sally is also a highly skilled knitter, who makes exquisite sweaters, scarves and socks and loves to craft complex cables. Sally prefers photography to editing and editing to writing.

Silent Auction Scheduled for Gourd and Art Festival

When it comes to supporting deserving local non-profits, the community and businesses of Folsom and surrounding areas always step up to the plate.

Ambassador Kapneck’s Ribbon Cutting Creates Celebration

Ambassador Kapneck brought so many businesses to the State, people said he was responsible for keeping the ribbon and scissors companies in business.

Keep the Fleece – Helping Sustain a Global Itch

In honor of the IYNF, an American non-profit organization called 'Keep the Fleece' is sponsoring a contest to help raise awareness about the importance of natural fibers.

Hats! A Fun Story and Adventure, More Than a Tale of...

MaryAnne is 49.999 years old and she desperately wants to avoid and ignore her 50th birthday. After meeting a small group of remarkable women who show her about fun and friendship after 50, MaryAnne realizes 50 isn't so bad.

Everyday Indian Cookbook An Instant Success

Bal explains the spices needed for the recipes in the book, where to buy them and also exactly how to use them and make things like garam masala from scratch if you have the time.

Friends Meet At Stitches West 2009

Once inside, any plan I had to go slowly down each aisle quickly evaporated as I was overcome with a desire to savour every booth all at once.

Whispers of the Past: 24th Annual Folsom Quilt Show

Three wonderful days of awe-inspiring quilts, clothing

A Visit to California Cashmere Farm

A couple of years ago while on my constant quest for luxurious yarns I stumbled upon a website for cashmere knitting yarn called located in Calaveras County, California.

Knit 1 for The Road Book Review, By Sally Gray

A book of simple and fun knitting patterns aimed at the young beginner knitter.

New Cool Specialty Garments are A Big Hit!

Philip Kapneck helped the company start in the USA. The flame retardant apparel and accessories are cool to wear, and protect firefighters, racecar drivers, SWAT teams and the military.