Monday, December 18, 2017
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Nadia Cherubin is a passionate writer, author, fashionista and trendsetter who writes about entertainment and fashion. Contact Nadia through NewsBlaze.

What to Expect When Working in Fashion Industry

Which of course, fashion is such a great thing and most women worship fashion and starts to follow trends and even write editorials in order to get a job in the fashion industry.

Chic Style for a Fashionable You

Do you have a style that is so chic and classy and just goes along way?

Pros and Cons to Consider When Working in The Media

When it comes to working in the media, what are you expecting out of it?

Is Business All About Seriousness With No Games?

Is the #1 business rule is to always stay focused or is it just something that is said about?

What Does Your Style Say About You?

What kind of statement does your clothing say about you and does your style states the kind of woman you are?

Writing Books as a Hobby Or Making It a Career

Are you the type of person that writes books and makes a career out of it instead of a hobby.

Promoting The Right Way

Do you need a promoters license and business cards to do promotions or do you go ahead and proceed to promote?

‘Must Have’ Trends for Spring Season

Try a little color in your life with Calvin Klein particularly their colored jeans. Oscar De La Renta and Tods have amazing new looks with plenty of color because this season is all about color.

How to End Up ‘Big’ in The Entertainment Industry

Do you take the entertainment industry very serious or do you take it as a joke?

Is Your Closet in Need of Make Over?

How to make your closet look more manageable to where it's not hard to find what you're looking for.