What Does Your Style Say About You?

Are you classy, trashy or just plain old person with no style? However, most people that dress up out in public in order to dress the part normally like to make a statement out of their clothes whereas, they already know what their style will say about them.

I know for a fact that my style says that I’m a trendsetter as well as a fashionista. That’s real to me which I feel I have a great fashion sense. It is a skill because not too many people know how to set their own trends and just like to copycat someone else’s style. Some may still might not get it right believe it or not. It is just clueless about what to wear as they step out of the house when it comes to the fashion sense. May be without a doubt and if you think about it, most people usually follow the trends just by watching what not to wear, how do I look as well as the style network. They follow alos the trend just by reading those fashion blogs online and what’s written in the back of a magazine article.

But, true beauty fashion comes from within or is it something that someone is born with such as a great creative mind. One is a real fashionista if she can vision and transform any bad outfit into something fabulous. Did you know everything about your style of clothing sends a message? Anyhow, if you think about it there are women who have a natural talent for putting together a simple outfit that maybe so ugly.

So, when it comes to setting a statement of your clothing, think of a style that will say something unique about you!

Nadia Cherubin
Nadia Cherubin is a passionate writer, author, fashionista and trendsetter who writes about entertainment and fashion. Contact Nadia through NewsBlaze.