Doing the Right Thing – How One Person Can Help Make a Difference

It’s easy to get in our daily routine of life, doing our jobs, spending time with our friends and family, having entertainment, and more. Sometimes we take for granted everything we have, and the things we may complain about, like overpriced utility bills, traffic, or the economy, seem insignificant if we really stop to take a look at others, and see how much we really do have.

Image: Blake Hunt and Diana, (c) 2010, Girl Reinvented.

I had a friend and co-worker years ago, who lost a leg in an accident. He had been drinking and on drugs, and sat down on the platform of a Chicago El train stop. As the train I was on began moving, Justin had by this time, actually walked across both sets of tracks, up one story tall. I actually heard his leg crunching under the train as I sat in my seat. It was horrific. By the time the conductor stopped the train, it was too late. He then later had to have his second leg amputated. Less than six months later, he had wheeled himself into oncoming traffic, out of desperation and depression over his state of being. He could not cope, and died as a result of a car smashing in to him and his wheelchair.

Thanks to wonderful, beautiful people as Diana in the video here, and many more, twenty year old Blake Hunt, who is paralyzed in a wheelchair, with no family around to help him, and no money, still has a youthful zest for life. These people have given countless hours out of their own busy and successful lives to help this young person that they are not related to, do not gain money from, and do not have to assist. These people help Blake because they truly care. Their humanity helps lift the world up, and their good works have helped lift Blake Hunt out of what ordinarily for him would be a life of deep pain, depression, loneliness, and despair, into an extraordinary life of healing, happiness, friendship, and hope against exceedingly difficult odds.

But those helping Blake have family’s and other needs to be met

of their own. Blake requires constant attention and need, and more help is required if he is going to have a life beyond that of a suppressive subsistence in a nursing home where he currently lives. His sweet, generous caregiver Diana is asking for more support to help this young man that has a truly good nature and an unforgettable, great smile.

Blake wants to be a Video Game Programmer and Designer, and to someday move out of the nursing home he currently resides in, which is no place for a twenty year old. Some great stars have come together for a Celebrity Poker Tournament taking place in Los Angeles on June 23rd this month to help Blake, where he will be presented with his first power wheelchair with funds raised for him. Diana who is caring for Blake in addition to the nursing home staff, is now working on raising funds for Blake to visit L.A. to receive his new wheels, get assistance with his flight, pay for his accommodations, and later, to get him a full-time nurse.

Please watch Blake and some of his story in his own words, in the video below. And please join those others in their support, and help in any way you can. Diana who you will meet in the video here below, is asking for even just twenty dollars to help assist in making Blake’s life a more tolerable and better one for him to live.

Whether you decide to help Blake or not, remember the times that you got help in your life from another person, and how it changed your life. One person alone can truly make a difference to help another and make their life, and consequently the world, a better place. After you meet Blake in the video here below, I am confident that you will not forget him, and you just may be moved, as I was, to take even a small action today and do the right thing and help him now.