Further Evidence Shows: No Self Defense From Travis Alexander Possible

Jodi Arias, the newest legal media sensation, has had her defense lowered even further recently.

Jodi Arias is on trial for the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Travis’ body was found by his friends, who were worried because they hadn’t heard from him for several days. They described the scene inside the house, to the 911 operator, and said Travis Alexander was being stalked by Jodi Arias.

Both the testimony of medical examiner Dr. Kevin Horn and the timeline created by accidentally shot digital photos lead to one conclusion. Other evidence showed that no factor of self defense was involved, in what is being more concretely shown as the brutal murder of Travis Alexander.

First, the photos taken by Arias herself, and the criminal investigators, have shown not only was the attack an incredibly extended event, it was one whose steps took place in more than one location.

First, Travis Alexander is stabbed in the chest and back while in the shower. He is then moved to the bedroom and is almost decapitated there. Then he is dragged across a hallway to the sink where he is shot in the face and soon dragged to his final location, the now infamous shower.

Self Incrimination By Accidental Photo?

The dragging across the hallway was evidenced by a photo of the ceiling accidentally made by Arias.

There was however some evidence of self defense, but it was not found on Arias but on Alexander’s body. The jury was shown two black and blue hands strewn with defensive wounds. Both the cuts and the bruising show not only the remnants of Alexander fighting for his life but that he was still alive at least during the beginning of the attack.

Arias’ self defense claim continues to lose steam as the trial progresses. In fact, according to Dr. Horn, Alexander would only have been able to be any part of this attack would be only in the first event (the stabbing in the shower) and would be incapacitated by the second attack in the bedroom; by then the man was dragged to the final two locations in the attack.

Personally, I saw what I believe is huge evidence of further premeditation within the autopsy report. On the right side of Alexander, you see one minimal and one small slash near his throat both on a downward angle near the fatal slash of the throat. I believe it shows Arias tried to cut his throat once before succeeding in practically decapitating her Mormon ex-boyfriend.

A Non-Defensive Sequence

When someone defends themselves, I would expect them to be attacking then running; not attacking then chasing, then attacking then dragging, then attacking and finally dumping.

Travis Alexander was the victim, and I expect the jury will agree at the end of this trial.

Here is a recording of the 911 call: