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A New York Native, Heather is our resident Nancy Grace regarding national court and crime issues. She has a Masters Degree in Law as well as a Bachelor's in Political Science. Her crime blog can be found at www.BachmanontheBench.com.

Blame Travis Continues Today and a Hint of The Real Arias

Arias shows her true colors to me for a moment today in trial and I believe the camera caught it.

Jodi Arias: Day One of Testimony

A discussion on day one of Jodi Arias' testimony. After a very uneventful beginning from her defense, admitted killer Jodi Arias took the stand.

The Blame Game: What to Expect From Arias Defense

Get Ready for the Blame Game as the defense begins to present their side to the jury for the attempt to save self-confessed killer Jodi Arias' life.

Jodi Arias: What My First Prep for Her Stand Would Be

Jodi Arias may take the stand; how would her 'stories' affect the possible questions she may face?

Is Arias Waiting to Die?

Despite the trial continuing, are the actions of Jodi Arias during the events that are now national news more a cry to die than a cry to be freed?

Drew Peterson’s Future: Murder Trial or Sentence?

After a legally historic trial which involved legislation made just for the case and other objectives, convicted killer Drew Peterson may have another attempt at possible freedom.

More Questions Than Answers According to Jodi Arias Jury

As the State rests its case and the jury is dismissed until January 29th, the questions raised by the jury themselves show there may be more questions than answers in their mind regarding Arias' guilt.

Lies Unraveled Further During Jodi Arias’ Death Penalty Trial

In court today, admitted murderess Jodi Arias was forced to listen to more of her consistent and strategically attempted lies as both interrogation and interview tapes were played and the involved officers took the stand.

Further Evidence Shows: No Self Defense From Travis Alexander Possible

As the trial progresses, the Defense of Jodi Arias wanes. Through photos and other evidence and testimony, it has been shown the only self defense was done from Travis Alexander himself.

Jodi Arias and How Self Defense Doesn’t Fly

While fighting for her freedom, Jodi Arias is pleading self defense for the murder of Travis Alexander. However, the evidence shows self defense is not what the crime screams.
drew petersen

Drew Peterson: He Said, He Said

Post-Conviction attacks are happening from within the Drew Peterson defense team.

Drew Peterson Defense: ‘Common Sense’ Will Send Him Home

According to a member of the Peterson defense team, it will be common sense which will give the Jury the ability to return an innocent verdict and allow Drew to go home soon.

Bipartisanship Should Never Put Our Nation At Risk!

Political 'Gang' member Senator Lindsay Graham strikes again regarding Military Tribunals and the 9-11 terrorists.

Leave Shleave … Resign Already Rangel

Despite a lack in paying taxes, Democrats stand behind Rangel as he hands over his gavel temporarily.

America to Obama: Hands off my Healthcare

Bippartisan Summit now over, what gain did it really do for healthcare when the agenda was pre-planned by the Democrats?

President Obama Needs to Stop the Games!

President Obama once again shows he has no idea what he is doing. While proposing a Bipartisan Summit...he cannot even be bipartisan himself.

The Summit Will be as ‘Bipartisan’ as the Media Is

Senate Majority leader discusses his negative realization of what the Obama Bipartisan Summit will be.

If The DNC is Postive About 2010…They are Ignoring Their Own...

While Democrat Leadership may be positive regarding their party for the 2010 election, 20/20 vision may show otherwise.

The President and the Youth: Match Made in Heaven No More

The honeymoon, despite seeming longer than most Presidents have enjoyed, is coming to a slow but strong hault. How is this happening? Reality is sticking its little head into the minds of the once dead set followers of this Democrat leader.

Double Standard Returns Again..Thank you Media

The Media once again shows integrity in Government depends on what side of the aisle you are on.