The Blame Game: What to Expect From Arias Defense

Premeditated Factors of The Case

Jodi Arias is currently charged with the first degree murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. As of recently, the prosecution has rested its case after showing exemplarily the premeditated factors of the case as well as the brutal murder and the lies that continually came from Arias’ mouth. Now, with the defense having the floor, only two words need to be used to explain the agenda of the pending court days: Blame Game.

Item one: Blame The Courts

The events on the Defense side will literally start with this; in fact, in a way they already have. Before the court recessed, they attempted to receive a motion for mistrial. Now, we are about to enter tomorrow an evidentiary hearing which will discuss among many things the alleged prosecutorial misconduct on their opponent’s side. Can you say strike one?

To be honest, considering the already constant attempts to stop the proceedings, I am reminded of the Drew Peterson Team. While defending a former cop turned (now) convicted wife murderer, the members of the so-called “Dream Team” almost never sat down due to their consistent objections and calls for such objectives as these individuals are to attempt to save Arias. Maybe we should consider calling it the Peterson Defense from now on?

Item two: Blame Alexander

Already, the defense has attempted to call Alexander an abusive, sex crazed monster who deserved to be stabbed over 20 times and have his throat slashed and head shot at on that tragic day. Now, with battered women experts and other testimonies in addition to, according reports, recorded calls between Arias and Alexander to make this story stronger. While this is obviously the only straw they have left considering Arias had admitted to the brutal attack, the evidence that has already been shown display both a lacking attempt on their part and a very strange but not abusive connection between Arias and Alexander. The most laughable attempt in fact was when the defense attempted to state that the 9 stab wounds to his back were done by an individual who was facing the attacked and stabbing with their arm wrapped around them. Of course they didn’t touch the smiley face slash across the throat.

Item three: Blame the Cops

While this probably won’t be touched that much in the coming days, there will I believe, be an attempt to use the testimony of the officers’ trying to get the truth from Arias as an attempt to avert and affect Arias negatively? What is famously known as the usual police tactics will be in turn altered in some way in order for the defense to blatantly again blame … everyone … but … Arias.

Item four: Blame the Company

Both the evidentiary hearing and the trial will involve a high level individual from the company whose event was Day of the Arias/Alexander Saga: The day they met. While we do not know yet what this person will say, I can only assume it will be a blaming on some level either to the company or to the company allowing an individual like Travis to be involved with their organization on such as high level when he had such, according to them, demons.

What Does All of This Equal?

They hope for a not guilty in the end.

As former Prosecutor Nancy Grace has said, we have seen cases such as this, when the evidence is staggering, that in the end result in a “Not Guilty.” Hopefully for the Alexander family and justice, this will not happen again and Jodi either sees bars or Death Row. We will never know until the Blame Game ends and the Jury’s real job begins.