Jodi Arias: What My First Prep for Her Stand Would Be

It is now national news that Jodi Arias, charged killer of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, is on the list to take the stand in her defense when the trial returns to the courtroom. While this may or may not happen as making the list does not mean anything other than the possibility, it even as a consideration has gotten so heightened that even Nancy Grace is going to Arizona to see if it occurs.

Of course, the biggest cause of her taking the stand would be that the testimonies of the experts that are also on the list do not carry enough weight. However, most legal experts have repeated what I said all along: “She needs to step up and explain all of the lies to the jury before they enter that small room to decide her final fate.”

Placing myself in the prosecutor’s table, the first thing I would attack wouldn’t be the first lie because honestly “I wasn’t there” is pretty much everybody’s first reaction to any accusation. My first attack would be the second lie. However, it would not be it as a whole, but exactly as she created it herself: piece by piece.

First, I would discuss the fact that she said in the beginning that the “story” began with an argument between Travis and the two now we know made up attackers. She in fact said blatantly that there was no argument between her and Travis on that tragic day. However, now, she is saying there was an attack. In fact, she even after giving the third and now famous “he got mad when I dropped his camera” story that she “never” felt threatened by Travis; yet was on the tragic day threatened enough to shoot him, stab him multiple times and place a deep smiley face on his neck deep enough to nick his spine.

Let me discuss the “abuse” for a moment. Attacking emails can be abuse; I am not disagreeing with that. But when you have the ability to block someone, especially one that is hours and hours away and already moving on with their life, there is no abuse unless the person can take it as much. It is when they won’t leave you alone that it is abuse…not when you continue to bait as I can see she did.

Returning to the second story of Arias, I would ask her why she went as far as to say she “had to stay accused” in order to keep her family safe; was this is an attempt for sympathy or a way to help her find peace in her most recent location. Personally, I believe she knew that because of the Sopranos television programs which she showed by the mention of them that she had seen, there would be years of investigation if they believed her and she would be released while they decipher her new “Mafioso” story; maybe even get a new home in return for her “assistance”.

Finally, I would ask her about the gun; the gun she staged a crime to get and still seems to be unable to accept that she had in her possession. In fact, I would ask her if she doesn’t herself think that wasn’t premeditation.

A thought did come to my mind, as a Republican and a gun loving woman, that she wanted it for protection for her long drive. If that were true I ask you…1.) Why bring it in Travis’ home? and 2.) Why stage a burglary to get it? I am sure a loving grandfather would hand it over.

Personally: Here is the story that I think happened:

Jodi came to Travis’ home with the plan to either discuss their car arrangement (he was selling her the car) and then evolved into the sex we saw via the photos or the sex itself. Then while he was in the shower, Jodi evolved her plan to kill her ex-boyfriend so he could not move on with his life, the way he was going to….without her.

We will probably never know because Jodi couldn’t tell the truth if you paid her and Travis is passed on. Hopefully the hint of the truth will be seen by the jury.