Blame Travis Continues Today and a Hint of The Real Arias

With her father suddenly in the audience, Jodi Arias continued to play ‘Blame the Victim’. In addition to discussing sexual activity, Arias attempted to discuss both Alexander wanting phone sex as well as attempting to have sex with her while she was sleeping. Among the angry (for reason) eyes of Travis’ surviving siblings, Arias continues to turn the tables on her own victim attempting to lay foundation to him somehow deserving the “self defense” that ended his life.

Jodi Arias is being tried for first degree murder after stabbing, shooting and slashing the throat of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander before leaving him to be found in a bathroom shower stall.

Although she showed some alleged emotion toward her victim, choking back tears when a photo of them was displayed, she continued to destroy him by hinting rape and looking down when she discussed how her sexual relationship with him was “still ongoing” despite their breakup.

She also, through one comment, made me wonder what her reasoning was to return to the house in the first place on that fateful day. During the second part of today’s testimony, Arias discussed how she was moving and that her and Alexander were not going to live in the same “ward” on purpose. Why, if that separation was so valid and accepted, was an entire separation so hard? More and more, I see her going back and forth both in her actions as well as in her statements. If she was able to say okay to not living with him…why was not being with him so far behind?

As to Alex’s alleged questionably sexual behavior…Arias stated she was in denial. Denial? Denial is when you ignore something, what she allegedly did was invest and become a part of what she seems to declare was devious sexual activity. This answer not only does not work, but does not make sense. It was around that time that it happened:

Today, while her attorneys were in a sidebar, I glanced at Arias. For a moment, she looked forward and stood tall, almost proud. She glanced right at the family of Travis and for a second, took the innocent mask off she has had on this whole time. She then soon returned to the looking down, solemnly clad innocent moments later, but for that second, I believe the camera just caught the real Arias. That was when I knew…this was not only staged, but another trick, the same she played on Travis is the one she is playing on the nation. I just pray the jury doesn’t fall for it.

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