Crime Prevention and “The New York New Normal”

New York City with Governor Hochul’s Bail Reform and the city’s shelters for both the Homeless and Illegal Immigrants has created an ever decreasing Quality of Life for residents. As Mayor Adams tries to remove present Zoning laws with “The City of ‘Mess'” to finish off any remaining thriving one and two-family communities, the police do their utmost to protect citizens and keep them informed and prepared for the steady increase in criminal activity.

"The City of Yes." Crime Prevention Program at Starbucks NYC. Photo: David Pambianchi, NewsBlaze
Crime Prevention Program at Starbucks NYC. Photo: David Pambianchi, NewsBlaze

Crime Prevention Division

On March 20th, Sgt. Oleg Matat and Sgt. Kelly Kevin of the Crime Prevention Division distributed Safety and Fraud Information, and answered questions at the Atlas Mall in Queens. (Special Thanks to Starbucks Manager, Howard Barnes.)

Where once the surrounding neighborhoods’ major issues were people not curbing their dogs and graffiti, now your packages are being stolen along with parts of your car, often in broad daylight. Not only can the check you mailed be fished from your local mailbox but from the front of the Post Office.

You now have to make a special trip to mail your letter “inside” the Post Office. And while we cannot ignore or write these issues off as mere inconveniences of The New Normal – there are greater dangers.

Everyone knows someone who has had jewelry or their phone snatched by a teen racing by on a bike or jumped and tackled by bandits from motorized vehicles.

A few months ago, a worker not far away, was hit by a bicycle. He was knocked down breaking his arm during this miscalculated phone snatch.

Even if a career criminal is captured, perhaps after pushing your mother on the subway tracks, he can be released from prison the next day, maybe out in a few hours.

The “Backstab” from the justice system is that if you defend yourself from a criminal, some Woke DA will be charging you with a crime.

Crime Prevention Division. Photo: David Pambianchi, NewsBlaze
Captain Spiro Papavlasopoulo with Mrs. Kathryn Saffran. Photo: David Pambianchi, NewsBlaze

In addition to being knocked down in the street, some of the most distressing and disgraceful attacks are frauds perpetrated on our most vulnerable community members, the elderly and infirmly.

Perhaps too “trusting,” a value from former times that is losing ground in New York, or the aged simply cannot be vigilant, aware, or respond quickly enough, there are a multitude of scammers preying on them.

There are phone calls asking for gift cards or phony warnings and arrest threats from the IRS, tech companies, utilities, relatives in distress, and all types of emergencies.

There are EBT Scams and ATM reading devices to “Skim” Credit Cards. Seniors are followed by hoodlums from the banks, buses, and subways, targets inside and outside of their homes.

Police do the best they can in an adverse climate. Captain Spiro Papavlasopoulo consoled Mrs. Kathryn Saffran who attended today’s event.

Kathryn recently fell prey to a Construction Roofing Scam, which in the end left her with the loss of her savings that were set aside for her ailing husband’s medical needs, a total of $51,000. And she was left with a wrecked roof.

For now, she does her part to help warn others. The Police Captain seemed hopeful and could only say that the investigation was ongoing.

Everyone hopes these criminals are captured, and perhaps some funds can be recovered. Until then, the police gave Kathryn and her husband a ride home from the event.

For a full list of Crime Prevention Information:

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