Chris Levine Launches Children’s Book ‘Dinosaur Discoveries’

Chris Levine has launched his debut children’s book series ‘Dinosaur Discoveries: A Prehistoric Adventure’ set to ignite young imaginations with exciting dinosaur adventures.

To celebrate his new picture book released March 26, the multi-faceted author, actor, and Hollywood filmmaker will be hosting a special Storytime at Book Star Barnes and Noble in Studio City on April 13th at 11:00am where families can gather in the children’s section to hear him read the book, talk about dinosaurs, and even take-home free character coloring sheets and a fun book inspired wordsearch.

Readers of Chris’s new adventure book will step into a magnificent world of wonder. The vibrant picture book series has been designed specifically for early readers and for those who adore dinosaurs, and exploration. Whether you are just starting to read or is already a dinosaur aficionado, ‘Dinosaur Discoveries: A Prehistoric Adventure’ is a delightful gateway to imagination and learning.

“I’ve been in love with dinosaurs my entire life and being able to create a series of books starting with ‘Dinosaur Discoveries’ that allows me to share that love with people all over the world is an amazing experience.” stated Chris Levine.

Alongside this, Chris also wrote a much scarier dinosaur book created only for the most daring and brave called ‘Jurassic Terrors’ which features 17 stories matched with scary artwork and will be available this Fall.

When not crafting captivating narratives involving prehistoric creatures, Chris Levine can be found gracing both the stage and screen in the Los Angeles area.

For more information on the April 13th special ‘Dinosaur Discoveries: A Prehistoric Adventure’ event visit:

To purchase ‘Dinosaur Discoveries: A Prehistoric Adventure’ visit Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Liz Rodriguez
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