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David Pambianchi is a New York writer, who loves to tell stories about the city, the people, the entertainment, the sport and the businesses that catch his attention.

Novel: Carrots & Apples: Parenthood, Divorce and Public Corruption


Mikki May at Prohibition Photo by Randy Frieder

Bold and Lovely: Mikki May sings at “Prohibition” Bar

With New York large-capacity venues prohibited, musicians and singers are limited to smaller gatherings. This gives Nassau and Suffolk music fans a chance to...
Oz Boutique. Photo by David Pambianchi.

Oz Boutique: #1 for Fashion, Color and Elegance

Sure, you want to look fantastic for that special event or simply want to look and feel fabulous, want to bring out a very...
Pad Thai

MA KIN: No Need to Fly To Thailand For Authentic...

You don't need to fly to Thailand for authentic Thai Food.
Burger City: It's on the way home.

Burger City: It’s on the Way Home

A few friends of 50 years came back to the neighborhood and discovered the community needed a classic and simple "burger joint." Hailing from...

Fists Fly: As The Sweet Science Comes to The Paramount

On Sept. 20th, JOE DEGUARDIA'S STAR BOXING presented "Rocken' Fights 36" at The Paramount Theatre in Huntington, NY. The bout card gave new meaning...
eggplant rollatini.

Top Notch NYC Italian Food

In an out of the way shopping plaza, located in Queens, NY, discover Top Notch NYC Italian Food. Hidden from view off Metropolitan Avenue,...
Pollo Inka reception

El Pollo Inka Peru: A Taste of the Andes

Their roasted chicken is a masterpiece of flavor. And add a dab of Peruvian green sauce to really set your taste buds free. Whether...
Royal Falafel Shawarma orders

Royal Falafel & Shawarma: Fast, Fresh and Tasty

Moseying along McGuinness Boulevard and Greenpoint Avenue after a day of hard work or school classes, the desire to cook and fuss over lunch...
Courthouse Road Bridge

History, Exercise and a Cycling Adventure along the 1908 Vanderbilt Motor...

Many New Yorkers cycle or walk Greenway Trails to include the first 3 miles of the converted 1908 Vanderbilt Motor Parkway from Cunningham...
josh in the joyride bikes shop.

Need Bicycle Repair? Don’t Despair! Joyride Bikes of NYC

In a friendly, not pricey, atmosphere, Josh (by nature), puts in an effort to help customers. With someone who knows what they are doing...
Animal Cracker Wedding Cake.

Don’t Let Them Eat Cake

Since the courts uphold that government cannot suppress expression, likewise, is not the converse true? Can the government force creativity out of someone to...
Villa Erasmo Ristorante desserts.

Villa Erasmo Ristorante: Fresh, Elegant and Delicious

Roses, shrubs and trees, beautifully decorated, Restaurant Villa Erasmo rests along a century old railway rampart. Built as a route for steam engines around...

Saving New York City Horse Carriages

The real reason to send the horses off to the soap factory: Once the mayor's connections usurp the stables, they gain blocks of Hell's Kitchen property on 11th Avenue.

NYC Bicycle Lanes: No Yellow Brick Roads

When it comes to quality of life issues, including bike lanes, shelters, education etc., one harsh similarity confronts New Yorkers...
Jackfrys Cafe

Jackfry’s Cafe Offers All Time Fave Food in Park Versailles

The family says, We have had school staff and students come back over the years so happy to remember us. We are proud to have served the neighborhood for so long.

Mel’s Locksmiths Inc. Keeps NY Bronx Community Safe For Decades

The little shop oozes nostalgia, history and expertise. With an assortment of archaic locks, keys and photos dating back 82 years, dozens of old NYC Locksmith Occupation License Plates are here-and-there wallpapered.

NYC Students Explore the Bronx River

A journey down the mostly hidden Bronx River, seldom observed even from above, offered a unique scenic perspective and learning opportunity.

Kayaking Makes a Spotlight Around The Big Apple

Coupled with the odyssey of paddling 30 miles under the stars, the endurance challenge offered a unique perspective of the New York City skyline.

New NYC Mayor: Out With The Vile, in With Hope

David Pambianchi looks at the new Mayor-elect, Bill De Blasio, and hoped he can undo the damage that he says Michael Bloomberg has done to teachers in the big apple.
blu bella reviews

Enjoy Delectable Food at Cafe Piu Bella

Of course, not to go unmentioned, the delicious Chicken Francese or Marsala along with creamy squash, spinach or broccoli soup help offset the winter chill.