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David Pambianchi is a New York writer, who loves to tell stories about the city, the people, the entertainment, the sport and the businesses that catch his attention.Novel: Carrots & Apples: Parenthood, Divorce and Public Corruptionhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VPN482Y/ref=nav_timeline_asin?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
Crime Prevention mission at Starbucks. Photo: David Pambianchi, NewsBlaze

Crime Prevention and “The New York New Normal”

New York City with Governor Hochul's Bail Reform and the city's shelters for both the Homeless and Illegal Immigrants has created an ever decreasing...
U.S. Supreme Court. Photo: David Pambianchi

As Supreme Court Eyes Censorship Cases: Trump Admin. ’24 is Best

Two important cases involving government censorship, Surgeon Gen. v. Missouri (Docket # 23-411) and NRA v. Vullo (Docket # 22-842) are before the...

St. Patrick’s Day Parade: A Reminder of Journeys Without Free Stuff

rom before the American Revolution, the Irish celebrated and paraded their heritage. No floats or balloons, yet as always on this sunny but brisk St. Patrick's Day Parade, New York City streets were packed with millions of observers.
Synagogue turned illegal Migrant Shelter

Rabbi Cashes in With Illegal Migrants on The Public Dole

Concerned citizens protest a Maspeth Synagogue aka "The Rabbinical Seminary of America" turned illegal migrant shelter.
U.S. Supreme Court. Photo: David Pambianchi

Give Me a Trump 9-0 Decision Or Give Me a Supreme...

In the spirit of Patrick Henry, we should rail as we witness before the Supreme Court of the United States, Docket No. 23-719, Trump v. Anderson.
Homeless Shelter Strategy and the Glendale Shelter.

The Underlying Issues with New York’s Homeless Shelter Strategy

New York's strategy to combat homelessness through the construction of more shelters is facing criticism for exacerbating social and safety issues in communities.
Capitol Hill. Photo by David Pambianchi.

H.R. 2 – Lobby Day: Something is Rotten in Capitol Hill

Shakespeare notwithstanding, the "original" H.R. 2, Secure the Border Act of 2023 made it through the House, but can common sense provisions for securing...
2023 dragon boat festival. publicity photo.

2023 Dragon Boat Festival Celebrating Culture and Tradition in New York

This weekend, the shores of Flushing Meadows Corona Park buzzed with energy as the 31st Hong Kong 2023 Dragon Boat Festival unfolded in grandeur,...
Pad Thai

MA KIN: No Need to Fly To Thailand For Authentic...

You don't need to fly to Thailand for authentic Thai Food.
The Giglio

Dance of the Giglio: Keeping the Message Alive, Sunday, July 16th,...

Amid the waving and bouncing multitude, the cheers go up 'Bravo' as 150 men raise the 4 to 5 ton tower, brass band, pastor and all.
eggplant rollatini.

Top Notch NYC Italian Food

NYC Italian Food In an out of the way shopping plaza, located in Queens, NY, discover Top Notch NYC Italian Food. Hidden from view off...

Hugh Pool and John Ragusa: ‘Feelin’ good blues never felt better.’

Hugh Pool and John Ragusa are talented musicians known for their contributions to the blues and roots music scene.
Burger City: It's on the way home.

Burger City: It’s on the Way Home

A few friends of 50 years came back to the neighborhood and discovered the community needed a classic and simple "burger joint." Hailing from...
new york city horse carriages

Saving New York City Horse Carriages

Few joys bring a smile to a child's face faster than a horse. Or NYC Horse Carriages. Dreamlike, horses glide through our psyche, of elegance and wind, a symbol of companionship.

TASCA Provides Inexpensive Basic Sailing Lessons in NYC on Oct. 15th...

Satisfy a small call to the sea with blue skies and orange sunsets, a race around the buoys, barbecue, a double rainbow, and good times with friends. You know what to do.
Firing is about to start.

Popping Balloons on Sunday Mornings

On any day, see complex compound bows, Rambo style, power and technology, precision and speed, efficiency for the hunt and popping balloons.
Mikki May at Prohibition Photo by Randy Frieder

Bold and Lovely: Mikki May sings at “Prohibition” Bar

With New York large-capacity venues prohibited, musicians and singers are limited to smaller gatherings. This gives Nassau and Suffolk music fans a chance to...
Oz Boutique. Photo by David Pambianchi.

Oz Boutique: #1 for Fashion, Color and Elegance

Sure, you want to look fantastic for that special event or simply want to look and feel fabulous, want to bring out a very...

Fists Fly: As The Sweet Science Comes to The Paramount

On Sept. 20th, JOE DEGUARDIA'S STAR BOXING presented "Rocken' Fights 36" at The Paramount Theatre in Huntington, NY. The bout card gave new meaning...
Pollo Inka reception

El Pollo Inka Peru: A Taste of the Andes

Their roasted chicken is a masterpiece of flavor. And add a dab of Peruvian green sauce to really set your taste buds free. Whether...