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David Pambianchi is a New York writer, who loves to tell stories about the city, the people, the entertainment, the sport and the businesses that catch his attention.

Novel: Carrots & Apples: Parenthood, Divorce and Public Corruption



Overwhelming Controversies Defame NYC Department of Education

The newspapers finally published a rare view of what a NYC school has become. An unstable Staten Island Principal made headlines for ranting and raving, threatening to garnish wages over teachers being 5 minutes late who car pooled and managed to st

Artist Ekaterina Aksenova Soon to Enchant New York With Exquisite Artworks

Skilled and capable, 'Katie's' murals shine as the centerpiece for various lounges about the city. But whether a colorful nature scene in Brooklyn or primitive cave painting theme in Soho, for this free spirit, more awaits within.

Hugh Pool: Solo Magic at The Village Lantern

Whether heart and boot pounding power or sweet tunes pretty as you please, Hugh's crisp Blues guitar and harmonica sound draw locals and tourists in from the street.
James Reichman, President Baby James Cigars

‘Putting on the Ritz’ with James Reichman

Alone or with conversation, perhaps a slice of vanilla pound cake, coffee, scotch, a comfy lounge chair or view out on the veranda; enjoy a fabulous Baby James Cigar.

Baron Kebab: Food Fit for a Sultan

Charcoal broiled, hot off the fire, saffron chicken breast atop white, yellow and spicy brown, fluffy, Basmati rice with Roasted tomatoes, onions and lime (Don't forget your salad and special non-dairy yogurt dressing.)

The Sky Room: Halloween Over New York

Whether you are networking, looking for that special someone or in need of a 'perspective' change, the SKY ROOM lounge mixes breathtaking views of Manhattan and the Hudson River with top notch service in a comfortable atmosphere.

Caste of Shadows: Love, Sacrifice and Hinduism

Accustomed to living in America, Sam is occasionally reminded and appalled at how ingrained the Caste system holds onto the population.

Music on the North Atlantic: ‘Next Stage’

All smooth sailing on the High Sea when you mix a versatile, all around talented band with a beautiful lead singer. Lovely 'Peaches and Cream' on land or sea.

Shangri-La Deli & Salad: Heavenly Sandwiches

The legend is true. There exists a mystical place where deli lovers find happiness; the-way-you-like-it, hot and cold, carnivore or veggie, delicious sandwich combinations at great prices.

Benefit for World Champ: Emile Griffith

One of boxing's 'All-Time Greats,' Emile Griffith has been tormented for almost 50 years since regaining the championship from Benny 'Kid ' Paret in the brutal 12 round bout that resulted in Benny's death.

The Count of Monte Cristo: A Musical Showcase

When the time arrived to spin a classic tale of Betrayal, Love, Revenge, Reciprocity and Justice onto the musical stage, "Enter the Maestro," composer...

Anjelia Pelay: New Jersey Band Eases into NYC @ The National...

With a beautiful voice soft or filled with power and emotion, lovely Anjelia Pelay always moves her audience. Last night was no exception, except the addition of Taylor Hope's sweet violin accompaniment.

The Poet’s Den Theatre: ‘The Bard of Stratford’ Returns to Harlem

One after another, the participants performed their monologues with courage and heart. Like previous contests, the judging proved difficult as students put out their best effort for this competitive afternoon of Shakespearian acting and fun.

The Taste of JADE: Indo-Asian Cuisine and Lounge

In September 2010, it will be 100 years since the first train brought passengers from Penn Station to Forest Hills at Station Square.

Bronx Boxing: Fists Fly in Paradise

For the last 3 rounds of heavy trading and a lot of heart, Reyes scored well with uppercuts, but Perez continued to score solid with his right for a win by Unanimous Decision.

Color and Motion: When Art and Dance Collide

The opening presentation also featured two performances by lovely Japanese belly dancer, Lale Sayoko. 'Sayoko' means 'Night' and her dancing captures the essence of a dream.

Brooklyn Boxing Action at Historic Landmark

Surrounded by marble, brick and glazed terra cotta, a few hundred packed-in boxing fans eagerly anticipated the evening bouts. And from the start, a roar went up from the balcony.

Another Night of Bruisers at The Garden

The temperature in the city plummeted, but the 83rd Annual Daily News Golden Gloves Finals provided New Yorkers with a steamy second night of intense Madison Square Garden boxing.

First Night of No Surrender at The Garden

JODY-ANN WELLER wore down Melissa Itoh with left jabs for two rounds. Although Melissa returned some blows, Jody poured on a few flurries for a win when the referee stopped the bout 1:20 of Round 4.

The Road to the Garden: 83rd Daily News Golden Gloves Semifinals

On a wet and raw Friday night, boxers threw their best punches in Brooklyn's Floyd Bennett Field Sports Arena for the last chance to compete in the 2010 Daily News Golden Gloves Finals at Madison Square Garden.