Rabbi Cashes in With Illegal Migrants on The Public Dole

This Thursday night is not like any other as concerned citizens protest a Maspeth Synagogue aka “The Rabbinical Seminary of America” turned illegal migrant shelter. Americans fed up around the nation expect these types of battles against unvetted persons cast into their communities and the wasteful spending of their tax dollars.

Neighborhood residents are expected to consider this more of the New Normal along with the catastrophe of “Bail Reform” and like policies. But protesters here in Queens chanted “Close the border. Shut the shelter.”

Citizens want funds for police, firemen, and neighborhood programs and repairs.

Hidden and Profitless, not anymore! Photo: David Pambianchi
Hidden and Profitless, not anymore! Photo: David Pambianchi

Rabbi Saves the Day?

  1. Congregation sells Synagogue to Rabbi with the promise of preschool. (sprinkler system installed for “the Children”)
  2. Preschoolers are removed for Adult Male Illegals who live free and spend the day lounging and sleeping in a nearby park, after being provided breakfast of course.
  3. Fifteen illegal adult migrants (up to $125 per day) equals over $685,000 a year. Your taxes.
Protesting the rabbi and illegal migrants. Photo: David Pambianchi
The Protests begin. Photo: David Pambianchi

Illegal Migrants Sneak In

Protesters claimed that a representative for the Rabbi stated there were no plans for an adult illegal migrant shelter, but the illegal migrants had already moved in a week before. And they slipped in in the middle of the night.

But this is New York and there are those with both irrational and illogical thinking patterns that can still shock a listener. One Woke passerby from outside the area gives this “intellectual” response about this shelter as well as Mayor Adams‘ plan to end zoning, “They have to put people somewhere.”

This is just the beginning of protests as the next is scheduled for Sat. Mar. 16th at 2 PM.

The Stats
The Stats
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