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David Pambianchi is a New York writer, who loves to tell stories about the city, the people, the entertainment, the sport and the businesses that catch his attention.

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Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival Lights Up New York

From across North America, serious dragon boat teams come to New York City to test their training and skills in both traditional wooden or fiberglass canoe-like crafts. But this Dragon Boat event is not just for the pros.

Tradition Lives on At The Iconic Pete’s Cafe

While Pete has been missed at the Annual 5th Avenue Greek Parade, his attitude lives on whether Greek, Hispanic, Italian and whatever your ethnicity. It is always about the bonds of friendship and 'people helping people' that makes an American com

The 86th Annual Daily News Golden Gloves: Final Day

For the first time, Brooklyn's magnificent Barclays Center hosted the traditional Daily News Golden Gloves Finals. To a cheering New York crowd, determined amateur boxers tested their courage, skills and endurance.

Teacher Evaluations: The Scam of the Decade

They are disturbed, but not because children will not get those funds. That money would never reach a classroom anyway. Our representatives are distressed because those dollars will not be available for Special Interest pockets.

Gourmet Bazaar: 13th Anniversary of Simple Pleasures

Packed with a mix of Middle Eastern and European 'everything,' and a bit for every culture, <b>Gourmet Bazaar is bound to have something you like and perhaps, have not been able to find elsewhere.

The Hugh Pool Experience @ Hill Country

You may have to fly to California to witness the sounding of the bells as the swallows return to Capistrano. You may want to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land for that old-time religious experience.

Too Much to Spend $5,000 on NYC Youth?

Youth can go to local private boxing gyms.

Music for The Heart

On a crisp, cool, autumn night, the Society Cafe presented a unique evening of musical bliss. Moving, poetic, lyrical Cat Stevens-like Freddie Stevenson played songs for the heart.

TASCA Provides Inexpensive Basic Sailing Lessons in NYC

Satisfy a small call to the sea with blue skies and orange sunsets, a race around the buoys, barbecue, a double rainbow, and good times with friends. You know what to do.

NYC Parks Historic Boxing Program Slated for Closure End of June

Since the program costs approximately $5,000 a year to fund and has no memory of any injury that needed medical attention, its discontinuation has no financial or ethical foundation

Daily News Golden Gloves Finale 2012

For a little piece of history, fighters brought their best effort to the 85th Daily News Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament at Madison Square Garden.

‘Tribeca Y’ a Home of Heart Pounding Blues

When New York City's rush-hour Holland Tunnel jam subsides, a hidden treasure emerges at 200 Hudson Street. The venue is the Tribeca Y, home of great music, theatre, film screenings and comedy.

Bobbi & the Strays: 1st Annual Charity Dinner Dance Cruise

On a beautiful starlit night, the 1st Annual Charity Dinner Dance for Bobbi & the Strays Animal Shelter sailed New York City's East River aboard the luxurious Marco Polo Cruise Ship the 'Jewel Yacht.'

‘Galileo The Musical’ an Eco-Friendly Work in Progress

Keeping it Green, productions try to recycle everything from paper to costume and have a portion of the proceeds go to charity, this time the East Coast Maine Coon Rescue.

NYC Students Compete in Shakespearean Monologue Contest

One after another, the participants performed their monologues with courage and heart. Like previous contests, the judging proved difficult as students put out their best effort for a competitive afternoon of Shakespearian acting and fun.

Exo Cafe: Bar, Lounge and Healthy Fine-Dine

With unique choices from Cocktails, Martinis, Ales, Stouts, Pilsners and Lagers, Peter points out, 'Along with our diverse menu, every 2 months, we change the wines and beers so customers get variety from around the world, a bit of Europe meets Man

Artist Sculptor Leonardo Pereznieto: Poetry for The Eyes

Powerful, sometimes subtle emotions, Leo's images strike sparks into the imagination, and wonder leaves us yearning to see more. Beautiful things we are or wish to become, freedom in bronze, crystal, silver and oil paint, you may rise lightly, read

‘Energy Green’ Salad Bar: Fresh, Tasty and Healthy

Each day around 7:00 AM, everything is picked up fresh for the day so that you can choose from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and meats, then watch Chef Willie prepare your meals chopped, diced and wrapped before your eyes.
Heather Hardy posing for Fisticuffs At The Garden.

First Night of Fisticuffs At The Garden

With women's boxing making its 2012 Olympics debut in London, some of tonight's competitors may become Olympic hopefuls.

Mayor Laguardia vs. Mayor Bloomberg, Unions and The Rest

Dollar after dollar flows into the media and into politics, drummed into the ears of our citizens attempting to deafen hope, brainwash and convince the people that we must distrust our neighbors, question our friends, keep our place, and obey those