The #1 SCAM: The NYC Affordable Housing Development “City of YES”

Queens Community Board 5 met for a monotoned presentation-reading of a proposed re-zoning scam the City of New York plans on ramming down the throats of citizens. Reminiscent of 1933 “The Law to Remedy the Distress of the People” (which sounds sweet enough until you realize it makes the Chancellor of Germany all-powerful, and makes Adolf Hitler the Chancellor), “City of Yes Affordable Housing” is the latest Sugary Front to give complete authority to Building Developers and undermine the Property Rights of residents along with any Inalienable Rights that must be mowed down along the way.

Queens Community Board 5 affordable housing meeting at Christ the King HS. Photo: David Pambianchi.
Queens Community Board 5 meeting at Christ the King HS. Photo: David Pambianchi.

Some speakers in opposition: NYC Council Members Robert Holden, 30th District and Joann Ariola, District 32, and running for State Assembly District 28, Jonathan D. Rinaldi.

Jonathan Rinaldi explains, Cloward-Piven is an economic strategy designed to overload the welfare system to crash the budget and gain total government power. The “City of Yes” is another phase in bringing us closer to socialism and complete technocratic control.

Per the transcripts of the comity of contracts from the city council, the city knew and planned to bring in and house the migrants costing 30 percent of the city’s budget with only 200,000 migrants so far with a projected 1 million to arrive shortly.

Mayor Adams and Brad Lander made terrible deals and contracts to house migrants in 5-star hotels at 5-times market rate while kicking out homeless and veterans. The housing shortage the “City of Yes” refers to is the migrant housing shortage.

Public housing is falling apart, and they are changing the social service benefits to section 8 from section 9. This eliminates the homeownership rights of public housing tenants. The city is bankrupt and cannot afford to pay to house the migrants while the federal government is not helping.

To get the federal govt to pay to help house the migrants, they want to change the zoning to allow people to convert their illegal apartments and garages to single-room occupancy, and without parking.

The city plans to sell off public parking to Lift and City Bike as they have done so already in Manhattan, and install bike lanes cutting off streets to make congestion worse.

Instead of raising property taxes where the majority of the city’s budget comes from, they installed congestion pricing tolls as a backdoor $400 per month tax increase to the working class, which through delivery trucks passing through Manhattan will make everything more expensive for all of us.

All while bringing in military-age men and giving them everything for free, compliant, and here for one reason; and that is to Vote.”

The Mayor’s Cure

Mayor Adam’s cure for his “Systemic Barriers” gibberish segways into DEI– Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Everywhere DEI exists is Division, Inequality, and Injustice, and by definition means: The privilege of “Special” opportunity in hiring and benefits determined not by individual merit or hard work but by racism or some other newly defined privilege.

Affordable Housing Standards

This includes “Affordable Housing,” lower standards in education, and unjust privilege before the law.

Here is Some of What is Coming in “Affordable Housing” already in New York hotels, Shelters, and a Tent Complex near you:

Lawrence Lockman who runs the Maine First Project spells out where we are headed as they have a long Affordable Housing waitlist for veterans and other citizens.

“Gov. Millstone’s insane proposal to ramp up the influx of illegals settling in Maine from 3,000 to 15,000 per month. Her legislative proposal to create a new state bureaucracy is called the “Office of New Americans.”

“The hundreds of brand-new apartment units springing up in Brunswick, South Portland, and other communities across the state are reserved exclusively for illegal immigrants. And the state (meaning you and me) will pick up the tab for the first two years of rent. That’s right, free rent for the illegals, in new apartments that would fetch at least $2,000 monthly in today’s rental market.”

Crime Increase

Additionally, besides the steady increase in crime:

1. Maine teachers are asked to accommodate late times from Congo students with no punishment because it is their culture.

2. The Illegals presently staying in hotels want to know what extras they will get if they move into the free apartments.

Jonathan D. "Responsible" Rinaldi running for NY Assembly District 28. Photo: David Pambianchi
Jonathan D. “Responsible” Rinaldi running for NY Assembly District 28. Photo: David Pambianchi

Developer Attacks

Housing Developers’ preparatory attack on communities revved up with New York Bike Lanes:

A Small Business Owners meeting in Forest Hills discussed the nightmarish Bike Lanes on Queens Blvd. Mostly unused by bicycles and regularly used by illegal motorscooters, the bike lanes are a hazard. But the supposed increased “Safety,” is of no concern to those supporting their implementation. The bike lanes also increase traffic, so more pollution.

Truckers subject to fines and impossible loading and unloading predicaments had Union lawyers explain who supports Bike Lanes.

1. Developers want to close small one-story shops to construct high rises.

2. With the support of the anti-auto crowd, Car services like Lift want primary control of auto transportation with the city hoping to coerce New Yorkers with Public Transportation as the only other option.

3. Bicycle accident lawyers who look for settlements.

Paid protest leaders send out the call to round up cyclist activists from New Jersey to Connecticut with stories for safety, and saving the planet, to come attend media events in New York.

Those industries supporting the bike lanes care nothing for the Bicycle Puppets’ safety or pollution, and the puppets have no idea how detrimental they are to the small neighborhood businesses. And those who do, do not care.

End of Zoning

The Attempt to End Safe, Quiet Family-Oriented Neighborhoods by Ending Zoning:

In essence, Governor Hochul unsuccessfully tried to end all zoning for New York State only to be followed by Mayor Adams in the “City of YES.” Which means, “The City of Mess” to New York small community Home Owners. This would leave the last 9% of New York City’s one and two-story homes vulnerable to replacement by high-rise apartments. And be prepared as New York Mayor Adams has a simple response for any time he is criticized, or accused of incompetence. First and foremost, “That’s racist.”

The scam documentation.
How they manipulate.

Escaping Responsibility

But the mayor comes up with other standard escapes from responsibility. Queens neighborhoods are subject to flooding AND IMAGINE ADDING A HUNDRED THOUSAND NEW RESIDENTS ILLEGAL OR OTHERWISE.

While some communities like Middle Village are on average 10 Stories (elevation 102′) above sea level, from a local bridge you can look far into the distance and see how low the East River lies where storm rain overflows drains.

For years, the combined sewage system has had clog issues, and pipe replacement remains under construction and unfinished for decades. With zero difference in storms or rainfall in a hundred years, but more houses and businesses everywhere, the neighborhoods continue to have flooding issues after heavy rainfall. The mayor blames, “Climate Change.”

Here is some SCIENCE on that issue:

We are immersed in an irresponsible society where there is always something or someone to blame. Politicians with policies that not merely risk but encourage the destruction of communities and American values can evade responsibility ad infinitum.

Andrew Hevesi - Assembly District 28 supports a Bill that allows the state to perform medical procedures on a child without parental knowledge. Photo: David Pambianchi
Andrew Hevesi – Assembly District 28 supports a Bill that allows the state to perform medical procedures on a child without parental knowledge. Photo: David Pambianchi

Meanwhile, as a Showstopper, legislators try to slip Bill No. A06761 past voters: In short, the State of New York can medically change your child’s sex without your knowledge. Again, under the deceptional guise of helping “Homeless Youth.”

Jonathan Rinaldi adds, “With all the budget requirements the community boards need, Bills like 6761 give children the ability to get any medical treatment done without parental consent, a blank check to the pharmaceutical companies. Your child will become a lifelong Big Pharma customer. All policies written and bills passed are by bought-out elected officials who get kickbacks from the hotels and big businesses, all to fund their campaigns while passing communist policies in our neighborhoods and not telling us about it.”

However, a child who may give effective consent to
14 medical, dental, health, and hospital services pursuant to this section
15 may give such consent to their own immunization, and the consent of no
16 other person shall be necessary.
17 6. Anyone who acts in good faith based on the representation by a
18 person that [he is] they are eligible to consent pursuant to the terms
19 of this section shall be deemed to have received effective consent.
20 8. Any person, including a minor, who comprehends the need for, the
21 nature of, and the reasonably foreseeable risks and benefits involved in
22 any contemplated medical, dental, health, and/or hospital services, and
23 any alternatives thereto, may give effective consent to such services
24 for themself, and the consent of no other person shall be necessary. The
25 commissioner is authorized to promulgate rules and regulations necessary
26 to effectuate the provisions of this subdivision.

Honorable Mention for Concerned Citizens: United Federation of Hispanic American Patriots Ayude A Preservar “El Sueno Americano”

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