Lumberjack: Inside an Era in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Modern History Press brings Upper Peninsula history to life in its new title Lumberjack: Inside an Era in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (April 2024) by William S. Crowe.

Lumberjack offers a firsthand account of the white pine era in northern Michigan, the white pine boom of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as it was witnessed by William Crowe. Working in the timber industry as a 17-year-old at the time, Crowe observed and recorded the entire logging operation in the north woods. His papers, photographs, and letters were later sorted and organized by his granddaughters – Lynn McGlothlin Emerick and Ann McGlothlin Weller – to bring the history of the Upper Peninsula’s lumber harvesting to life.

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Weller and Emerick say they are happy this 70th anniversary edition includes eBook and audiobook formats for the modern reader. The new edition particularly aims to offer young people an exceptional resource of stories and information about this important time in Michigan’s history

Lumberjack Linking Generations of a Family

Speaking of the book’s emotional value in relation to the author, William S. Crowe, Weller and Emerick share that they sensed the presence of their late grandfather as they reread his materials. In their words:

“Our grandfather loved the Upper Peninsula and took great pleasure in sharing the history of the area and the experiences of his long life there. He would be delighted-and amazed-that his long-ago newspaper articles about the White Pine Days have resulted in a fourth edition of Lumberjack. Over the years, as we worked on expanding his original book, we felt especially close to him.”

As former independent publishers themselves, Weller and Emerick complimented the Modern History Press (MHP) on the quality of its publications. They say:

“It is the only press we have trusted to have the expertise to reissue our family’s Lumberjack across new platforms.”

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