Hummingbird – Spiritual Messages from Ancestors in New Book

Inspirational author and blogger Diana Raab continues her writing journey into 2024 with the publication of her new book Hummingbird: Messages from My Ancestors (Modern History Press, January 2024). In this inspirational memoir, Raab connects the lives of her mother and grandmother with that of her own through common spiritual messages of existence.

Hummingbird Diana Raab
Image @ Modern History Press

For Diana Raab, the COVID-19 pandemic was more than fear for life and safety. Every time she stared into the eyes of her grandmother in the photo on her desk, Raab received clear messages. The deepest connection with her grandmother materialized during these trying years. Her grandmother’s legacy of nurturing life, continued through her mother, and transduced into her own memories of managing life on multiple fronts. Raab’s pen has secured these messages into Hummingbird: Messages from My Ancestors.

The book’s title was inspired by daily visits of a hummingbird-birds thought to be connected to a higher universe-feasting on the red flowers outside Raab’s writing studio. The hummingbird masterfully carried messages from her grandmother, who tragically passed when the author was ten.

“Those who endured trauma tend to be more conscious and intuitive,” says Raab, who encourages her readers to deepen their own connection with their ancestors and avail themselves of the opportunity for self-reflection and creative expression.

“Connecting with ancestors such as my grandmother and father has helped ground me and answer what I thought were unanswerable questions.”

Hummingbird evokes a range of emotions and the author’s background in psychology and health contributed to addressing and including them in the book. In her words:

“I am attuned with the body-mind-spirit aspect of our being, and therefore encourage others to examine their own experiences on a deeper level. It’s important to discover how our experiences have affected us emotionally and contributed to the person we’ve become.”

Lean more about Hummingbird: Messages from My Ancestors and Raab’s other accomplishments at her website.