The Trump “Hush Money Trial”: New York’s “Carnival of Lost Souls”

Hush Money Trial Nears End

At the May 29th Jury Instruction of the Trump “Hush Money Trial,” the proceedings bring to mind the movie classics “The Carnival of Lost Souls” and “Judgment at Nuremberg.” Too many involved in the justice system are engulfed in an impenetrable Trump-hating Trance. One wonders how many jurors might be searching-for-purpose” like so many activist students before they erupt into chanting at campus protests, followed by madness and violence.

At this same juncture, the judge and prosecutor with only-one-purpose” conjures images of the 1945 Nuremberg Trials, those judicial defendants from Germany’s legal system that gave justification for the Nazi.

Turmp Hush Money Trial New York
Collect Pond Park across from Manhattan Criminal Court. Photo: David Pambianchi.

The Charges: A Complex Mess

Judge Merchan instructed the jury with the usual spiel as at most any trial MINUS the fact that a crime may “vaguely” have taken place (MORE LIKE A CRIME WAS MADE UP) and the jurors do not have to agree on what crime took place, just some kind of crime: Falsifying Business Records to include payments in checks, vouchers and a tax form. The kicker? Secondary “felonies”: Did Trump make the payments with the “intent” to influence an election?

An Attempt to Simplify

Say, your accountant makes a tax or other business-related “mistake.” You might pay a fine, or worse if you directed him to do it. But wait! Somehow, if there was a crime that can be discerned at all, it is suggested you were also intentionally trying to influence an election, violating Election Law and making you a felon up to 34 times – Giving a jury 34 choices. In light of the possibility that someone can push your mother on the subway tracks and be out the next day or assault a New York cop and go free and get a free move to California, many citizens are disgusted.

The Court’s Purpose: To Get Trump

Justice vanishes when cowards manipulate the fate of others. When Trump is concerned, the same mold of Judge (who would never rule out absurdities such as whether men can get pregnant, or hesitate to release the guilty and pursue the innocent), has conjoined with like-minded D.A. (Bragg) to GET TRUMP.

What the righteous, studied enlightened, and the wisdom of Common Folk perceive as obvious corruption are virtues to some court officials. And, politicians seeking control continually enlist or elect corruptible officials, kept safe by legislative peers.

Ernst Janning: Judge Haywood… the reason I asked you to come: Those people, those millions of people… I never knew it would come to that. You must believe it!

Judge Dan Haywood: Herr Janning, it “came to that” the first time you sentenced a man to death you knew to be innocent.” – From Judgment at Nuremberg

While no political opponent has been sentenced to death … yet, what character, what kind of judge and prosecutor rearranges the law to encourage a particular verdict? What kind of lost soul juror would convict an innocent because they dislike him?

The Constitution of the United States. Here graciously autographed in the media Overflow Room by Judge Jeanine Pirro. Photo: David Pambianchi
The Constitution and Bill of Rights (6th Amendment: Right to a Jury of your peers) – Here graciously autographed in the media Overflow Room by Judge Jeanine Pirro. Photo: David Pambianchi

The Jury’s Purpose: To Get Trump

Delusional, self-hating, arrogant and hollow, masses of New York City’s huddled in darkness cling to each other as they perform a carnival dance to any media source that will give substance to their empty opinions and shallow existences.

As if their pope, Actor Robert De Niro gave a Fools Speech to New Yorkers outside the court Tuesday about Trump becoming a dictator for life and destroying New York, the country, and the world.

How many believers are sitting in the Jury Box? Perhaps – Nobody quotes them. Nobody praises them or asks for their advice. Unremarkable lives, now, they are no longer invisible. They do not read nor study no less care to understand history, science, philosophy or law.

Not since the Fauci Gain-of-Function flu pandemic, when many transcended from menial tasks such as emptying waste baskets to demanding that everyone, “Pull that mask up over your nose,” have they felt such immense power. “Oh, I am really something!”

Testifying for war crimes before the Nuremberg Tribunal, Justice Ernst Janning stated that those who claimed not to know what was happening in Germany did so because they did not want to know. In a sense, History may repeat itself; if any juror convicts because they did not know the truth, it is because they did not want to know the truth.

What Will the Jury Decision Bring?

With cherry-picked members from the political mob within the jury and the dregs of the justice system in charge of the proceeding, these incredulous people, unmovable and immoral, and immune, will never stop trying to get Trump convictions. From conflicts of interest to jurisdiction issues, the many irregularities of this “trumped-up” trial stand as proof.

However, within this Courthouse Circus there may be honorable and courageous jurors who can reason with any who are lost. Then, there will be no need for the Appellate Courts to rule for justice.

With the Trump guilty verdict on all 34 counts, until an appeal overturns the lower court, New York’s judiciary resembles that of WWII Nazi Germany’s justice system. Everyone should treat themselves to the classic JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG.

Judgment at Nuremberg

David Pambianchi
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