Columbia University: Headquarters of the New WOKE Nazi Bund

Not since the 1939 Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden has such a despicable resemblance emerged in America. Old anti-Semitic lies, reminiscent of those spewed by the “German American Bund,” have resurged anew on U.S. college campuses, including Columbia University. In Orwellian “1984” Group Think – Group Speak fiction-become-reality; ignorant, immoral WOKE Columbia University students proudly support Terrorism in the name of Freedom and Democracy through Terror.

WOKE Nazi bund Columbia University Puppets. Photo: David Pambianchi.
Columbia University Puppets. Photo: David Pambianchi.

The Tent City Hamas Supporters

Truth means nothing to ranting, anti-Israel organizers. And their terrorist-supporting students are an unparalleled embarrassment, far worse than these same puppets believing that men can have babies. Statements without truth, opinions without facts, and absolutely no debating entails their Plan of Action. They repeat foundationless chants for accommodating student parrots, while a cowardly University Administration and teaching staff remain complicit.

No mention of the Oct. 7th Hamas terrorist attack is permitted. (Sounds like the Biden Administration.) Besides threatening and intimidating Jewish students, Marxist-like Activists instruct the entire student population not to speak with the press, silencing opposition with the threat of “Doxxing.”

Old Nazi lies. Photo: David Pambianchi.
The face of protesting Columbia students as they revive dusty old lies. Photo: David Pambianchi.

Online Searching Reveals Facts

  • 362,000 Palestinians live in Israel
  • 3,000 Palestinians serve in the Israeli Army
  • Palestinians have the right to Citizenship in Israel
  • Palestinians can vote in Israeli Federal elections
  • Palestinians have equal legal Rights as Israelis
  • Palestinian Israelis have a higher standard of living than Palestinian Gazans
  • 1.8 million Muslims live in Israel
  • 18% of Israeli residents are Muslim
  • 2 million Arabs live in Israel
  • 21% of Israeli residents are Arab
  • Israel’s demographic profile is multi-ethnic and multi-religion
anti-Zionist Bizarre Behavior. Photo: David Pambianchi.
Bizarre Behavior. Photo: David Pambianchi.

At the Broadway Entrance Gate

A bizarre, obtuse group of anti-Zionist Jewish protestors chanted in support of Hamas terrorists in an illogical reversal of reality, “Five, six, seven, eight, Israel is a terrorist state.” This was later followed by pro-Israel supporters with youngsters waving flags, while passing cars with children waving Palestinian flags shouted, “From the river to the sea.”

Columbia University Nazi Bund

It is long past the time for the University and the City of New York to take action and clear the campus of the new Woke Nazi Bund.

It is unlikely the university will take action now. What they are doing is appeasement. Appeasement never ends well. The protestors will see the inaction and see it as weakness. That means they will assume they have control and they will step up their actions. Eventually, the University will call in the police.

Ongoing Delusions

David Pambianchi
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