My Life Has Been Greatly Impacted By This

Budd Hopkins a UFO researcher calls “True Believers

I just wanted to say thank you for speaking for those of us who feel we must be silent. And even when were not silent, we get silenced by our loved ones with sidelong glances or outright demeaning comments.

My life has been greatly impacted by this, and I went to 3 different psychologists, hoping they would tell me I was crazy, refer me to a psychiatrist who would prescribe me medication and then this would all just go away, but to no avail. They said there was no diagnosis to explain the events that I, my children, and family members were experiencing, and one of them believed that the events I had been experiencing were actually happening.

Not what I expected, or wanted to hear. I’ve spent a long time being in denial about all of this, and then a lot of time feeling very angry. Angry at them, angry at people for not listening or caring. But, now, I’m just not going to be silent anymore.

Thanks for listening and thanks for your support and open mind.

Kelley Folsom

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