Slicing a Piece Deal of The Century

Reading the article The ‘Peace Deal of the Century’ Resounding Failure,” I could not just leave it unanswered.

I am a Jew, a Zionist and a patriot American.

Unfortunately, in World War Two, the world took a 1/3 “PIECE” of the Jewish Nation, when they perpetrated the Holocaust.

Now, it seems to me that they literally want to take a 1/2 PIECE of the remaining Jewish Nation by virtual means, eliminating Israel from the world map, as the Vatican, the Arab World and even New Zealand have done.

NO Israel on map
NO Israel on map – this is the only thing Palestinians want.

Nurit Greenger, the author of the article, spells ‘peace’ wrong; the true spelling is PIECE.

NEVER AGAIN will we, Jews, be fooled and that includes our enemies on the LEFT who fly the Palestinian Flag, including Jewish professors and even radical rabbis.

NEVER AGAIN we will allow a Trojan Horse in our midst to take us down the path of self-destruction.

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’s claim to fame – infamous concentration camps – do not exist on the United States’ southern border. The population that is trying to cross the United States’ southern border is predominantly Catholic. The Vatican would not remain silent if the USA had “concentration camps” in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona or California.

The radically Left Ocasio-Cortez refused an invitation by a Holocaust survivor to travel to Poland and see the remains of a Nazi concentration camp and the attestation to what happened in Europe during WWII ; this was not a one timer.

The New York Times refused to cover the Holocaust atrocities while they were ongoing in Europe, during WWII.

The Holocaust was just the greatest and most successfully organized murdering spree; not the first and, if our, the Jews, enemies have their way, not the last.

Our rabbis need to do a better job of informing and leading instead of looking for Muslim Brotherhood interfaith recognition and medals of cooperation.

There are 14.2 million Jews in the world today. Now about 1/2 of them live in Israel. If you look at the remaining Jews in the U.S., many are not affiliated with Judaism and many others are marrying non-Jews. They are assimilating out of the faith. The percentage of Jews practicing Judaism is ONLY about 2 million out of 6-7 USA ethnic Jews.

In WW II, there were about 18 million Jews in the world; the 6 million killed made up 1/3 of the Jewish Nation.

During WWII, the Bielski Brothers defied the Nazis, built a village in the forest and saved 1,200 Jews from the Nazis. Those who lived got married and bore children. The Bielski Brothers’ band of brothers saved Jews today count 22,000 souls.

If I calculate right and very conservatively, if Jews were left alone along their thousands of years history, were not killed almost systematically, today, the Jewish population of the world would be closer to 100 million.

The Arabs, who named themselves Palestinians, do not want peace with Israel under any circumstances. what they really want is ONE PIECE – the entirety of Israel. That makes the so-called Peace Deal a Piece Deal.


Hal Gutterman

palestinian state world map
Palestinian state world map.
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