Jewish Voice for Peace Are At It Again

It seems the Jewish Voice for Peace people don’t really know what they want. If they are really Jews, how can they threaten the fabric of a nation which was created from nothing, developed into a totally democratic, highly productive country and exists to protect them?

The Palestinians remain refugees maintained by the world. They achieve nothing worthwhile. They only thing they know is terrorism. They have had all the opportunities in the world to have peace and make progress honorably.

Unfortunately due to horrific Palestinian governments, Palestinians are paid and encouraged to murder those who could help them. And if they are caught and end up in jail, their families are paid more than peaceful families.

A note to Jewish Voice for Peace: Reflect if you really care to help the Palestinians become what you think they should be. Teach them that the Israelis are not the cause of their misery, their own leaders are. Their leaders keep educating each and every one since childhood how to kill and they reward whoever will do so. Israel is not the culprit nor the Jews, the Palestinians have only themselves to blame.

How can a Rabbi live with him or herself after advocating the killing of Jews?

In the picture below the Jewish Voice for Peace seem old and perhaps have nothing better to do. At your age, you should go play with your grandchildren, travel to Israel and see the people say Shalom and watch the greatness of a country and their accomplishments.

It is never to late to change.

Pablo Nankin, MD

Members of extreme anti-Zionist group "Jewish Voice for Peace." Photo: NGO Monitor.
Members of extreme anti-Zionist group “Jewish Voice for Peace.” Photo: NGO Monitor.
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