Do We Really Want Peace?

All the books of God mention “PEACE,” as one of the ingredients of the religions they want to establish on earth. And “To believe in God” and in God’s religions, no matter which one, is a democratic issue. If one wants to believe, it is up to him to believe.

Thus, “believing in God” and “peace” is left to the individual – not to the governments or industries or priests and imams or even to the prophets or God! This wipes out, as illegitimate powers, all fascism, be it the governments or industrial trusts or the church or the mosque or the synagogue, if they are forcing on people the idea of “believing in God” or “peace” or any of the other ethical values mentioned in the books of God, such as love, brotherhood, justice, modesty, sharing with others what God has given to one, self-control, forgiveness etc.

The problem is, if it is the “people” who will bring about peace and respect for the other good ethical values which will make people happy, how to ensure so that the people want “peace” and cherish the other ethical values which are good for their happiness. The only way seems to be through education. But, the education should itself be democratic.

People should be shown that “peace” is better than “war.” History and our daily press and TV show this very well. But, there are forces that encourage and implant wars and conflicts which stand on the way of “peace education.” What are these forces?

a) First and above all, the weapon industries. If anyone manufactures weapons, he wants to sell them. If weapons must be sold, then weapon industries are pre-conditioned to propagate and encourage wars- or else how can they sell their weapons? Disarmament and control of the weapon industries are therefore essential to bring about peace.

b) Secondly, the political forces are the active ingredients that stand on the way of “Peace education.” It is the governments that declare wars. It is the governments that decide which weapon and how much of it is to be manufactured. It is the governments which should be educated also, as we educate people for “peace.”

c) Thirdly it is the terrorist groups that must be educated as they seem to ignite wars and conflicts. Some of these terrorists are the products of unemployment. Some are the products of wrong religious education, some are the products of “sales promotion” of the weapon industries, and some are the products of “a mischievous politics.”

If we conquer all these forces and educate the people of the earth that peace is better than war, we can achieve peace. If we really want it.

Askin Ozcan is a writer and the author of ‘The Red Submarine,’ a novelette, his sixth book. Askin is Turkish, based in Stockholm, Sweden.