Expose CNN: Project Veritas Whistleblower Uncovers Zucker’s Fake News

Thanks to a Whistleblower, Project Veritas was able to expose CNN for the Fake News hyper-partisan Democrat propaganda channel it has become.

Satellite uplink contractor, Cary Poarch, was trying to do his job, but was hammered every day by Jeff Zucker’s apparent mission to destroy Donald Trump. Zucker was so single-minded that he didn’t notice he was actually destroying CNN and strengthening Trump. Or maybe he was so blinded by his hatred for Trump that he didn’t care.

Zucker also didn’t appear to care that he was destroying the reputation and careers of his talented employees, or the reputation and value of the company.

expose cnn
CNN exposes itself as fake news.

The Veritas release, with Zucker speaking in his own words shows exactly what Jeff Zucker is up to. Zucker is shown to be a partisan Democrat who soft-balls democrats, hard-balls Republicans and tries to destroy Trump and anyone close to him.

One interesting question is whether this is entirely Zucker’s personal vendetta against Donald Trump, or is he acting in concert with others. The parent company of CNN is AT&T. Does this reflect AT&T’s values? Do ATT shareholders care?

CNN is now shown to be hyperpartisan. Most people have thought or known this for years, but CNN’s remaining Democrat voters didn’t believe it. Perhaps they will now.

Thanks to the recordings, we know Jake Tapper takes orders from Jeff Zucker, hammering Kellyanne Conway for 20 minutes, rather than the programmed 7 minutes. Tapper was purposely making Conway look as bad as possible, being combative, asking hard questions and then preventing her from speaking.

That’s not journalism, that’s partisan politics. Tapper (and Don Lemon) will find it hard to show they are anything other than propaganda partisans now.

My previous CNN cartoon was meant to be the last focused on CNN – the “CNN Disaster,” but this Veritas story was too important to pass up as a cartoon. The story proves byond a doubt the reason that CNN has gone down the toilet. Zucker himself is repeatedly pushing the flush button.

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