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Assisted Suicide

Assisted Suicide – The Courage to Call It a Day

The subject of assisted suicide is certainly something that requires a lot of thought, and not just from a legal and moral perspective.
sunspot 1024

Sunspots, Crop Circles and the UFO Connection

If you think that was strange, you will certainly be amazed by the article appearing on the Colin Andrews website (which includes a photo of the crop circle).
For Facebook Eyes Only

New MI6 Boss – For Facebook Eyes Only!

I suppose with so many leading figures going in and out of Downing Street lately, with secret documents on display to the public, we shouldn't be surprised that the future boss of MI6 had his personal details published on Facebook.
Iran Election Candidates

Western Influence in Iran Making Matters Worse (Again)

Just before the result of the Iranian Presidential election was known, certain people (like President Obama for example) gave the impression that the vote was being carried out in a fair and honest way.
Michael Jackson RIP

The Circumstances of Michael Jackson’s Death Remain Unclear

Over the years the media have been less than kind to Jackson, highlighting his more eccentric moments, yet failing to promote his more positive side.
Roots of anti Semitism

Anti-Semitism on The Rise In UK?

Let's put these 'politically correct' rules and regulations where they belong (I'm sure you know where), and place our trust in more traditional laws and commonsense.
Melting Pot

Racialism and Immigration – It’s time to face the truth

There can be no doubt that immigration is a growing concern in many people's minds, especially when countries face economic difficulties and rising unemployment (as we are seeing now).
OMG! What a Week

OMG – What a week that was!

I would imagine there are many bars in Bosnia that ask the same of their staff, but if this is not the case, she should at least remember that she is working in Britain (not Bosnia).
Voting for Change

BNP Attacked as Racialists, But Media Differentiate Between Races

Instead of condemning the people who threw the eggs, the press chose to concentrate on the response of the BNP leader's security, who were trying to protect Nick Griffin from the attack, something the police should have done, but did not.
Its the Sun!

Global Warming – Sorry Al, it’s the Sun!

Many have suggested that the Sun was responsible for these climatic changes and pointed out that low (or non-existent) solar activity often appeared during cooler periods on the planet.
Rocking the Boat

Hazel Blears ‘Rocking the Boat’ but will Brown sink?

Once again the speculation begins about the future of the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who must have given up wondering if things can get any worse.
Britains got torture

Britain’s Got Talent show – A new kind of torture?

Simon Cowell may not be the most liked person on television, but in truth he is just a guy who very effectively uses a 'tabloid' approach to TV shows, you could say 'he knows how to sell papers'.
Swine Flu

Swine Flu – A Natural Event Or Something More Sinister?

Some of the Symptoms to watch out for with this virus are: a fever of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Celsius), body aches, coughing, a sore throat, respiratory congestion and, in some cases, vomiting and diarrhea.
UN conference on racialism boycott

Israel Dictates Terms for UN Conference on Racism

Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Yossi Levy called the UN meeting a 'tragic farce' and 'Officially it is aimed at denouncing racism, but it has invited a Holocaust denier who has called for the destruction of Israel'
Susan Boyle Britains Got Talent

Susan Boyle – A victory for real talent!

The only surprise about Susan Boyle's recent success on Britain's Got Talent is the time it has taken the music industry to recognize such a beautiful voice.
Al Qaeda fear

Al-Qaeda comes to the rescue, again!

Bob Quick resigned after carrying a secret document into Downing Street, which was visible to the whole world (via the photographers waiting outside).
CCTV Control

Ian Tomlinson Death Confirms CCTV Control is Not for All!

If it wasn't for the curiosity of a member of the public, and the ability of most mobile phones to take videos, the incident involving a police officer hitting and pushing Tomlinson to the ground might never have surfaced.
Reconstruction of A9 UFO sighting

UFO sightings in UK – Declassified files support ET existence

Is there a special motive behind the release of the declassified UFO files?
Bernard Madoff Sorry

Madoff ‘Sorry’, But Where’s The Money?

When a person like Bernard Madoff can cheat his friends, family and business associates out of around $60 billion, and then suddenly plead guilty to all the charges 'without any deal', you just know something is not quite right.
Closer Look at Advertising

Can’t afford to advertise? – Can you afford not to?

In order to make people aware of our existence, we need to advertise. How else can they find out about the great products and service that we offer?