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Satellite Invaders Game

Another Climate Monitoring Satellite Bites The Dust. a Coincidence?

According to NASA officials the fairing, a nose cone that shields the satellite as it travels through Earth's atmosphere, did not detach from the satellite the way it was supposed to and the flight was aborted.
Think like a Suicide Bomber

School kids told ‘Think like a Suicide Bomber’

Introducing crackpot ideas is nothing new to the government (especially when it comes to the educational sector), but this latest one must surely rank high on the list of stupidity.
Paulo Jorge Nogueira da Silva

Lorry Driver will be released in just over a year for...

Careless driving carries a maximum sentence of 5 years, but even though the judge said 'This was one of the most serious offences of its kind' went on to give Da Silva just 3 years.
Global Warming or Cooling

Planetary Abnormalities – The End is Nigh?

Global Warming has been a 'hot' subject for some years now, yet many have rightly pointed out that some parts of the planet have seen unusually cold weather.
Impression of UFO sighting

UFO sightings in Birmingham UK

There have been a number of UFO sightings in the UK recently, in fact Britain is probably one of the most active areas for seeing UFOs on the planet just lately.
The Crucifixion

UFO and Alien Mystery Explored (Part 2)

The people in these machines look as if they are using some controls to fly them, yet no such craft existed at that time. What could a painter in the year 1350 be trying to show us with these images?
Osama Seance

Osama bin Laden Tape – A message from the beyond!

It is interesting that the 'health' issue has taken more importance than the content of the message, described as the usual 'threats and rhetoric'
differing opinions.

Earthquake Activity Seen Worldwide!

Although earthquakes happen everyday at some point on the planet, the seismic activity in the last 24 hours has been very high.

Israeli/Gaza reporting full of prejudice

Articles on the Israel and Gaza conflict contain too much of the reporters own prejudice and hatred.

Yellowstone Supervolcano – When should we start to worry?

With more than 250 quakes recorded in less than a week at Yellowstone Park, should we be concerned?

UFO Compilation 2008 – A Must See For UFO Fans

For those of you who are interested in articles regarding a 'subject within the realm of ufology' I just know you are going to love the compilation provided by Alien Casebook.
israel flag

Israeli Air Strike – Gaza first, Iran next?

Is the Israeli air strike on Gaza training for a possible attack against Iran?

UFO and Alien Mystery Explored

To dismiss the possibility of UFOs or life existing on another planet seems to defy logic, considering the vastness of the Universe.

Ahmadinejad Message and The Free Speech Haters

Did President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Christmas speech deserve such criticism?
Ixodes scapularis

Has Lyme Disease Been Engineered to Purposely Infect The Population?

Although a form of Lyme Disease has apparently existed for some time, many feel that the current version has undergone 'changes'. In other words: genetic engineering.
time machine

Time Travel – The Unexplained Explored

Is Time Travel possible and have we already experienced this phenomenon?

The Severed Internet Cables Mystery Continues

With another three undersea cables being cut, eight this year, what is causing this 'rare' event?