Ripperston Farmhouse UFO Phenomena – The British Roswell?

Although the UFO activity seen at Ripperston Farmhouse happened some time ago (1977), it is probably one of the most important events seen in Britain, and whilst it is not as famous as the Roswell incident many years earlier, it certainly warrants a great deal more attention.

My brother, Nigel Brockwell, has had an interest in UFO’s and the Paranormal for many years and was taking a holiday in Wales when he read about Ripperston Farmhouse. He had decided on a more scenic route for his return journey and this took him close to the farm.

Not knowing what response he would receive, he decided to call in at the farm for a chat with the occupants.

He was greeted by Mrs. Pauline Coomb who invited him in, and she introduced him to her husband, Billy. What struck Nigel the most was the couple’s apparent honesty about the information they were giving, and their lack of interest in profiting from the story (quite a rare thing nowadays).

Ripperston Farm UFO Sightings
Ripperston Farm UFO Sightings

It should be pointed out that the UFO activity around the farm was not a one-off event, but a series of experiences that occurred between mid January and mid December 1977.

Although the Ripperston farm is situated in a rather isolated area of South Wales, there were (are) a number of high security (perhaps top secret) military bases close by. According to the records, UFO’s were reported over these bases and the military were involved in some “unusual” activities and searches.

The Ripperston Farmhouse story began on the 14th of January 1977, when Pauline Coomb saw a “great ball of incandescent light, hanging motionless over the field near the cliff top.” It was not unusual to see strange lights in the sky (because of the military activity), but this was different.

After approximately twenty minutes the light started to move, swinging from side to side (much like a pendulum), as it got nearer to the ground and disappearing below the cliff.

Pauline woke up her husband (who was sleeping in a chair at the time) and he went to the cliff top path to search for whatever the object was. Unfortunately, he found nothing.

The following day newspapers were carrying the story of UFO sightings. Although Billy didn’t really believe that his wife’s “light” was a “flying saucer,” he did admit that there were some strange things going on. He was quoted as saying “There were as many as fifty frogmen below the cliff. Unmarked army trucks, soldiers in camouflage. The Navy was there too…building some sort of path beneath the water. This doesn’t make sense!”

Clinton, Pauline’s eldest son, commented on a strange humming noise coming from outside the bathroom window which would enter and fill the whole room.

Two schoolboys claimed to have seen a dome shaped UFO with “pulsating green and yellow lights” hovering over a building in Haverfordwest. They also approached a blue light in a field near their school, which flew off at speed when they got nearer.

Fourteen other schoolboys also saw a landed UFO near their school and a “silver” figure near the craft. They described the craft as having ten or eleven windows and a kind of ramp leading from a door.

One Friday evening, as Pauline and Billy were watching a movie on television, Pauline was distracted by a flickering light in the window, and the whining of their dog Blackie. The light was still there after an hour, and Billy (who had fallen asleep) was woken by what he thought was car headlights. He then noticed a “shimmering figure” of a man at the window.

The figure was wearing a silver suit and apparently seven foot tall. It didn’t move and just seemed to be staring inside. Billy commented that there was only blackness where the face should have been, and it sounded as if the man at the window was wearing a helmet with a shaded visor (much like astronauts would use).

A little while later the figure at the window raised a gloved hand to the glass, which started to rattle. At the same time the lights dimmed and the television stopped working.

Billy managed to call his neighbour and the police, and when the police siren could be heard approaching the farm, the figure vanished.

The following morning Pauline discovered “a scorched rose bush in the flower bed and huge footprints beneath the window”

A newspaper reported a sighting involving a “Jelly Mould” shaped UFO in a garden near the farm, which was said to be fifteen feet high and fifty feet wide.

Shortly after reading this in the newspaper, Pauline’s friend, Rosa, telephoned to say that she had seen a dome shaped UFO in a field near the hotel where she worked. It produced a light and two tall, human like, figures got out and appeared to be searching for something on the ground.

The description of the figures seemed to match the one seen at Pauline and Billy’s window. Rosa said the figures returned to the craft after about twenty minutes and it flew off at great speed, in the direction of the farm.

Sightings of dome shaped UFO’s and figures in silver suits continued, and on one occasion the Coomb’s son, Keiron, claimed to see a “tall dark, fluid-like shape” in the front room of their farmhouse.

However, a sighting on the 12th of November was perhaps the most bizarre of all. After seeing a UFO (in the daytime) perform some spectacular maneuvers, it suddenly plunged into the sea by the famous Stack Rocks.

Pauline took her kids with her to investigate this further from the cliff tops, and on the rocks below she saw two figures in silver suits, who she estimated to be between eight to twelve feet tall. She noticed a “door” in the rocks, where one of the figures emerged and they moved around the base of the rock. After the figures returned through the door, it faded away and could no longer be seen.

On returning home, Pauline received a call from her friend Rosa. Apparently, she had been looking at Stack Rocks with her binoculars and saw a “silvery” UFO fly into an entrance on the Rock. Sometime later silver-suited figures came out of the opening in the Rock and climbed down to the sea and back again several times.

After one more sighting on the 19th of December 1977, the UFO activity came to an end at the Ripperston Farmhouse.

Did these events really happen? It would certainly seem so, but whether this involved Aliens or advanced military equipment and personnel we cannot say for sure.

Considering these events happened more than 32 years ago, and not that long after the moon landing, it seems unlikely that the military would have such crafts. We can only assume that a more advanced race was responsible for these sightings, and were working with the knowledge of the military.

If this is true, it supports the belief of a cover-up and indicates how long this has been going on. It also asks the question of why this is being kept a secret. Do aliens want to keep their presence a secret from the general public, or do some of our leaders insist on this (for personal gain)?

The fact that people are still reporting UFO sightings might suggest that if aliens are involved, they are not that worried about being spotted. However, the authorities take a much more defensive role and make every effort to keep information from us.

It would be nice to think the authorities have our interests at heart in keeping this information secret, but knowing the government and politicians as we do, that is very unlikely.

There is a growing feeling on the internet that something “major” is about to break shortly on the subject of UFO’s and Aliens, and my personal view is that this will be good news, although maybe not for everyone.