Foresee Relationship Changes With This Powerful Astrological Tool

For many people, astrology is a fun and fascinating topic that is good for starting conversations, breaking the ice, and discovering things we may or may not have in common with our fellow travelers. But the study and practice of astrology are more than just a fun hobby, it is a powerful and varied system of knowledge based on ancient systems that were developed by people who thought and learned in ways which most of us have difficulty understanding today.

What we’re going to share is a powerful tool and a worthy addition to any astrologer’s tool set. It will allow the practitioner to derive at least twice the ordinary amount of meaning from reading an astrological chart. But, be warned, it is not to be taken lightly. The points of significance we are going to discuss are clues to highly significant conjunctions between our lives and those of others around us. They indicate intimate, friendly, or at least significant relationships. But they can also indicate unfriendly relationships of a particular significance. So it is not advisable to take the information you obtain from these signs lightly.

They are known to astrologers as “Midpoints,” and they are something that has massive relevance in the lives of each and every one of us. A midpoint is an aspect of an individual’s chart which is derived from calculating the degree of separation between two planets. For example, if a person’s Moon is located at five degrees of Capricorn and the same person’s Sun is at 15 degrees of Capricorn- then the midpoint between the two bodies is 10 degrees of Capricorn. In this example, we have identified the Sun/Moon midpoint of a hypothetical person’s astrological chart.

Alright, so what’s the big deal about planetary points of equidistance? The significance of these points of reference is that they are especially sensitive to interactions from other people in our lives. When these points are activated by the transit of another body, it indicates that major relationship changes are either on the horizon or in the works. These midpoints can be activated by a midpoint or planet in another person’s astrological chart. If a person’s significant other’s midpoints or planets (or those of a person of particular interest) are conjunct, opposite, or square with their own- then it identifies the two people as potential marriage partners.

The same is true if the person’s midpoint touches one of their partner’s planets via a hard aspect. With midpoints, only hard aspects- such as a conjunction, opposition, or square- count. That’s because hard aspects are activators or drivers. They instantiate action, growth, change, and the like. By contrast, a soft aspect, such as a trine or sextile, only offers support.

Keep in mind that these conjunctions are not necessarily harmonious. They can be strong or weak or of a variety of characterizations. But none of these factors ensure that they will be positive or negative.

Now, ordinarily, a person who reads astrological charts might note the location of the Sun and the Moon and comment on the significance of those positions. This extra data point adds an additional layer of meaning to any reading. Gone are the days of merely commenting on the significance of the fact that the girl at the bar is an Aries.

What’s more, midpoints have even greater significance as they relate to birth charts. Every astrological chart is full of meaningful midpoints which trigger major relationship developments in a person’s life.

Not surprisingly, a Sun and Moon midpoint carries great significance. In fact, it is the most significant midpoint- so much so that if a person were short on time or patience- they could simply ignore the rest. Here’s why. The Sun and the Moon are by far the most significant parts of the horoscope. The Sun signifies a person’s masculine or father-influence, and the Moon signifies a person’s feminine disposition or mother-influence. The Sun/Moon midpoint signifies the potential to marry these two basic aspects. This marriage is necessarily complimentary- resulting in a mutually beneficial congress of both. It represents the potential of a person to be fully realized, achieve great wisdom, and obtain high levels of creative energy.

Midpoints are fun to learn about because when the nature of two neighboring planets is understood, then the meaning of their midpoint is easy to intuit. Anyone who is interested in sussing out all of the many permutations of an astrological chart will find endless hours of fascinating combinations to explore.

Melissa Thompson
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