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Mission Accomplished

Gaddafi Dead – Another ‘Notch’ on The Oil Companies Belt!

News that Muammar Gaddafi has been killed will no doubt raise a few cheers around the world, but is his death a cause for celebration or concern?
Iran assassination plot

US Implicates Iran in ‘Alleged’ Assassination Plot

We should not forget that exactly the same tactics (and excuses) were used prior to the invasion of Iraq, plenty of accusations, but no proof.

Libya – Here we go again!

Is it right that we should stop the slaughter of innocent people? Yes, provided this is done within the law, but the decision to interfere with the running of another country must be a last resort and only taken if the situation is extreme.
Yellowstone supervolcano eruption

Recent Earthquakes Near Yellowstone Supervolcano Cause Concern

Reports of the ground uplift at Yellowstone have been in the news of late, and whilst this has slowed over the last few years, it is still high enough to be of concern.
Inflatable Space

Inflatable Space Station – Whatever Next?

With the Space Shuttle era shortly coming to an end, it is encouraging to know that space exploration will still continue, even if this will be on a different level.
Bird deaths and Doomsday scenario

Dead Birds, Fish and Magnetic Changes Fuel Doomsday Scenario

The recent reports of thousands of dead birds and fish being discovered over the last few months have certainly got people talking.
Second Earthquake to hit England

Second Earthquake to Hit England in Less Than 2 Weeks

It is very unusual for Britain to experience earthquakes (of any decent size), and extremely rare for two to occur so close together.
Gulf Oil Spill

Proof That Gulf Oil Spill Was Not An Accident?

According to a report by Jesse Ventura, the recent BP Gulf Oil Spill was no accident, but a deliberate attempt to depopulate the Gulf coast area, motivated by profit.

Wikileaks – Who is Doing The Leaking?

At first glance, it would seem that Wikileaks is revealing secret documents that have the potential to damage the credibility of almost every country on the planet and provide an insight into what really goes on in politics.
New Tesco Store

Tesco Open New Store in a Church – You Really Can...

Christians objecting to the 'conversion' have quoted passages from the Bible such as 'Do not make My Father's house a house of merchandise.'
Volcanic Eruption

Volcano Eruption Could Challenge Our Very Existence on The Planet

There has been some talk recently that the Merapi volcano could shortly produce the largest eruption seen on this planet in the last 10,000 years, which could lead to Global cooling and a possible mini ice-age in some areas.
Britains Unemployed

Unemployed in Britain Seen as Outcasts of Society

The recent proposal by the coalition government in Britain to force people on benefits to undertake manual labour, if they have been unemployed for a certain period of time, could see a return to a life that existed a century ago.
Charlie Chaplin Time Traveller

Is This a ‘Time Traveller’ at 1928 Charlie Chaplin Film Premiere?

I must admit, when I first came across this story I assumed there would be a fairly simple explanation to what I was seeing, but I'm just as puzzled as Irish filmmaker George Clarke who discovered it.
Indonesia Earthquake and Volcano

Indonesia Hit By 7.7 Earthquake and Expect Eruption of Mount Merapi...

Indonesia is well known for its earthquakes and volcanoes, but thankfully this latest quake, even though a powerful 7.7 magnitude, has apparently resulted in no injuries.
Solar Activity and Global Warming

Solar activity and Global Warming – Is the climate or the...

According to fairly reliable records, our planet usually experiences a cooling during decreased solar activity, and the less activity there is, the cooler it becomes.
Beware of the Boogeyman

Terror Warning for Europe – Beware of The Boogeyman!

Once again we are being asked to fear for our lives as a new terror warning is issued, telling people to be prepared for a possible 'terrorist attack' in Europe.
Tony Blair book signing

Tony Blair Escapes Citizen’s Arrest – Why Bother?

As Tony Blair arrived in Dublin for the first public signing of his memoirs, he was met by around 200 protestors. Security had to shield Blair as some of the crowd threw shoes and eggs at him, but none landed on target.
Cricketer tossing a coin

Pakistan Cricketers and The Corruption in Sport

News reports have continually used the term 'alleged offence' when discussing this scandal, yet we can all see that a crime has taken place. How much more proof is needed to charge the people involved with a crime?
Brazil UFO

Brazil UFO Sighting – ‘Contact Between Them and Us is Inevitable’

The interview concerns the involvement of the military in a UFO incident in 1977 (the same year Operation Saucer occurred in the Amazon).
China UFO

China UFO Forces Xiaoshan Airport to Close

The detection of a UFO forced the closure of Xiaoshan airport for an hour, grounding outbound flights and diverting inbound ones to other airports in Ningbo and Wuxi. A total of eighteen flights were affected in all.