US Engagement At UN Vital for Achieving American Foreign Policy Goals

Assistant Secretary Esther Brimmer of Bureau of International Organization Affairs stated that United States engagement at United Nations is vital for achieving American foreign policy goals and advances American values.

At the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Ms. Brimmer highlighted that U.S. engagement at UN is an important forum for burden-sharing in tough financial times. She emphasized that it clearly benefits Americans.

“Americans benefit immensely from globalization and the interconnections it brings with peoples around the globe. Here, in one of the tourism and commerce capitals of the world, you instinctively understand that more than most. Common global challenges call for shared global solutions, we find ourselves more than ever working through the UN to achieve many of our most important foreign policy goals.” -Ms. Brimmer

She stressed that on matters of international peace and security, the UN’s role has been central to several top U.S. foreign policy priorities. She said the UN peacekeepers help prevent conflict and protect civilians around the globe, at a fraction of the cost of sending U.S. troops. She stated that Security Council sanctions on Iran have had a significant effect on that regime, including by hampering its efforts to develop nuclear weapons.

“The United States also works through the UN system to promote global respect for human rights and universal values. I will discuss in a moment our work at the Human Rights Council, and the advances that body has made as a result of U.S. engagement.” – Ms. Brimmer

She noted that the United States sees UN as an increasingly important forum for bringing the countries of the world together to promote human rights and call out abuses and violations of liberty, equality, and basic human dignity, no matter where they occur.

“From international civil aviation to worldwide postal service, from cross-border telecommunications to global shipping, it is through the long list of UN agencies, many of which you may never have heard of, that the world builds and maintains the links that bring us all together.” -Ms. Brimmer

She emphasized that working through the United Nations means that the United States do not have to choose between doing it themselves, or doing nothing.

“Instead, we can show global leadership, to bring together allies and partners to achieve our goals. This was true recently in the international response to Libya, where both the Security Council and the Human Rights Council served to channel the international community’s collective response.” -Ms. Brimmer

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