Secretary Clinton: ‘Keep Your Eyes Open and Be Vigiliant on 9/11 Anniversary’

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today reminded all Americans to be vigilant as the United States commemorates the tenth anniversary of 9/11 terror attack this coming Sunday during an interview with Carl Quintanilla of CNBC.

During the interview, Ms. Clinton stressed that American response after 9/11 is the resilience that was shown and the leadership that America demonstrated and the extraordinary unity Americans shared.

“We have to do to be vigilant, but we’re always looking forward, and we’re going to be as strong as we can.” – Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton cited that there was credible, although unconfirmed reports of threats on 9/11 anniversary which they took it seriously.

“We want people to go on with their daily lives, get out, get around, but keep your eyes open, and be part of what has developed over the last 10 years, which is a kind of network of vigilance, where it’s not just our law enforcement who are on the tip of the spear.” – Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton reiterated that the United States will not tolerate an attack on its shores. She said the American government is sending a message ahead of time to be ready to defend America and do whatever it takes.

“We need to pull together in a unified way to make sure we remain as strong as possible, and the economy is part of that. So being here on the floor of the Exchange talking about this may seem a little farfetched to some, but to me it makes perfect sense.” -Ms. Clinton

Mina Fabulous
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