Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon Helps To Build ‘The Future We Want’

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today outlined action agenda for the coming five years.

Mr. Ban said the series of actions will help build “the future we want” in the next five years.

Earlier this month, Mr. Ban underlined his priorities by pledging to harness “the strong power of partnerships” to respond to the global challenges during an interview today with the UN News Centre and UN Radio to mark the start of his second term.

SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon briefs the press on his second-term agenda, which includes key areas of action like sustainable development and conflict prevention, and on changes in his senior management team.UN Photo/Mark Garten

In September 2011, Mr. Ban presented five imperatives in his speech to the General Assembly last September that must be addressed to ensure a better future for the world’s people.

These are sustainable development; preventing and mitigating conflicts, human rights abuses and the impacts of natural disasters; building a safer and more secure world; supporting countries in transition; and working to engage the talents of women and young people.

Before the General Assembly, Mr. Ban returned to the rostrum to brief Member States on his vision for his second term.

“A plan to make the most of the opportunities before us. A plan to help create a safer, more secure, more sustainable, more equitable future. A plan to build the future we want.” -Mr. Ban

He said that his ‘action agenda’ included a focus sustainable development, conflict mitigation, preventing diseases, increasing opportunities for women and girls and other global priorities.

Mr. Ban also announced that the UN will work with Member States to make Antarctica a World Nature Preserve and that he will appoint a new special representative for youth.

Among his other proposals is the convening of a first-of-its-kind World Humanitarian Summit to help share knowledge and establish common best practices. He also cited the need for the creation of a New UN Partnerships Facility to harness the full power of transformative partnerships across the world body.

“Waves of change are surging around us. If we navigate wisely, we can create a more secure and sustainable future for all. The United Nations is the ship to navigate these waters.”- he told the Assembly.” – Mr. Ban

The U.N. General Assembly voted unanimously on June 2011 to give Ban Ki-moon a second term as secretary-general, praising him for strengthening the role and visibility of the world body in difficult circumstances.

Mr. Ban started his second term starting on 1 January 2012 and will end on 31 December 2016.

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