APEC Conference: Productive and Successful Ministerial Meeting

U.S. Ambassador Kirk today said the APEC Conference was productive and successful ministerial meeting.

Ambassador Kirk extend his gratitude to his colleagues for what has been a very robust and engaged ministerial meeting.

“Today we discussed a number of relevant and important topics to APEC’s goal of furthering our economic integration within the Asia-Pacific region.” – Ambassador Kirk

Ambassador Kirk stressed that a strong engagement in the Asia-Pacific region is a major component of the United States trade agenda, as Asia-Pacific markets are large and growing, and the region’s importance will only increase in the decades to come.

“APEC – through APEC implementation of the U.S.-Korea trade agreement, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks, are pillars of U.S. strong, smart trade engagement within the region.” -Ambassador Kirk

He highlighted that the United States believes very strongly in the importance and relevance of APEC. He said the U.S. government has sought to ensure that its host year produces concrete deliverables that clearly benefit the entire region.

“As a result of our work throughout this year, we ministers can present to the leaders meaningful steps which will strengthen regional economic integration and expand trade, including by improving supply chain performance and addressing next generation trade and investment issues.” -Ambassador Kirk

He stressed they will also advance regulatory convergence and cooperation. They will improve the quality of regulations and regulatory systems throughout the region. He added they will increase global food security through open and transparent markets, and promote green growth, including by liberalizing trade and investment in environmental goods and services, and facilitating trade in remanufactured products, and streamlining import procedures for advance technology vehicles.

He noted that the U.S. government is working in APEC to break down barriers for small and medium sized exporters, as they are the overwhelming majority of exporters in each of the economies.

“The United States has a vision for the future of APEC and for trade across the region. APEC has traditionally been a laboratory for some of the best and newest ideas in global commerce, and we believe the outcome of this year’s meeting will help keep APEC’s agenda on the cutting edge for the next 20 years.” -Ambassador Kirk

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