Voting Irregularities in Karbi Anglong Against Education Council Executive

Diphu October 16: Tuli Ram Ronghang, previously Executive Member of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council for Education, led by Joy Ram Engleng, was selected unanimously by the congress party as the next Chief Executive Member (CEM) of the education council yesterday.

There had been a late night meeting of the members of the Autonomous Council, after a no confidence motion against Joy Ram Engleng was accepted by the Chairman. Earlier, in an emergency meeting of the Congress Legislature Party, attended by hill districts MP, Biren Sing Engti, the Minister of State for WPT and BC Rajib Lochon Pegu, Parliamentary Secretary and MLA of Diphu Bidya Sing Engleng, Congress in-charge of Karbi Anglong Ranjan Bora and Karbi Anglong District Congress President Sum Ronghang, advised the group of congress MACs to select a new CEM.

Tuli Ram Ronghang officially filed his nomination to the Chairman today at his office. In view of the lone candidature, the process of electing the Chief Executive Member could be mere observance of the procedure tomorrow, but there may be some legal issues.

About Tuli Ram Ronghang

Tuli Ram Ronghang represents the Bithung MAC constituency of West Karbi Anglong and was first elected in 2011; his short political career had a meteoric ascent. He was put in-charge of a major department by the former CEM and within one year he will now assume charge of the coveted position, outshining a number of old hands. The catch phrase of this young and dynamic person is “performance at ground zero.”

Vote Against Joy Ram Engleng Illegal?

However, amid all the political activities, some procedural misdemeanour committed yesterday is hounding the congress MACs who are going to form the executive committee under Tuli Ram Ronghang within a few days, if all goes well.

The Guwahati High Court order passed by justice Ujjal Bhuyan on 3rd October clearly mentioned that “Moreover, nominated members have no voting rights” also the KAAC constitution necessitates a two third majority to move a no confidence motion in the house.

If the two facts are taken into account, four nominated MACs present during the special session yesterday, who voted in favour of the no confidence motion is against the law. “The session is illegal as the nominated MACs do not have voting rights and on top of that there is a stay order of the Guwahati High Court ’til 6th December; the required 2/3 majority has been fulfilled by the 4 nominated MACs so we have walked out. We will appeal before Guwahati High Court and meet the Governor of Assam for his intervention in the matter” said Jagat Ingti HSDP MAC representing the Sarupathar constituency yesterday.

Joy Ram Engleng is maintaining a stoic silence and has also remained out of contact since yesterday; the uneasy calmness of this Machiavellian character in the face of all odds has put his rival ill at ease.

“He carried out all his duty astutely at the most difficult time he accomplished developmental schemes against political and social odds, he is the person who persuaded the demand for Karbi Anglong’s statehood capably, he set the precedence of insurrection against mistreatment of crooked political leaders of our district; he has paid the price for doing all this, he has been removed unlawfully” said Dhani Ram Tisso, a prominent socialite in Karbi Anglong.

Sushanta Roy is a journalist in Assam, India, who photographs and writes about the people, animals and flora of Assam, and the things that affect them.