US Honors Police Martyrs in Pakistan

The United States of America today honored police martyrs in Pakistan through a Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Capital Territory Police Lines Islamabad, Pakistan.

At the wreath laying ceremony, Secretary William Brownfield of Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs today said he was honored to join Islamabad Police and all representatives of Pakistan’s law enforcement to honor police martyrs who died for a cause.

“Since the dawn of history, all societies, peoples and countries have had two professions of arms: one to protect our communities from the threats from outside and the second to protect our communities from the threats from inside.” -Mr. Brownfield

He said the police that protect communities day after day deserved to be recognized for their heroic deeds. He added the police protect homes, they rescue children and confront the criminals, they solve crimes, and they bring justice to our communities.

“Whether it’s Islamabad or Washington, Lahore or New York, Karachi or Los Angeles, they are the bedrock of our communities. From time to time, far too often, they pay the ultimate price, they make the ultimate sacrifice.” –Mr.Brownfield

Mr. Brownfield said the wreath laying ceremony at Pakistan’s memorial honored the 500 police names that are already inscribed and 1,400 more will soon be inscribed.

He stressed that when others fled, they stood; when others cowered, they protected their communities; while others lived in cowardice, they died in honor.

“To them, to their families, I offer thanks, I offer respect, and I offer the highest honors.” -Mr. Brownfield

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