The Prosecution and HLN Are Miserable Losers in the Casey Anthony Case!

Why is it that the defense called in more FBI scientists to testify than did the prosecution? Why is it that Gerardo Bloise performed more tests than ever on the trunk of the Firebird, and comes up with nothing?

And how could Arpad Vass have been proven wrong when he exclaimed: “Chloroform levels were shockingly high, unusually high!”

The answers to these questions will help to explain why the jury found Casey not guilty.

I’m playing back Jose Baez’s closing argument to see if I can isolate exactly where he clearly converted the jurors (who were unanimous) in their belief of reasonable doubt.

jose baez and dr garavaglia

The most important reason is that the cause of Caylee’s death is unknown.

Baez brings up some other things too. How did she die? Where did she die? When did she die? Why did she die?

Prosecution argues it’s because she wanted to go party! Here’s their Achilles Heel. Prosecution chooses the shakiest argument they could find for Casey’s motive in killing her daughter.

This alone may have lost them the case. Family issues with George and Cindy, a burning resentment toward her parents, would be a motive I would have picked. Partying doesn’t cut it, and the jurors sensed this.

And Baez cornered George on the duct tape. George is the only one who is directly connected to the duct tape at all crossroads. And George lied about not having an affair with Crystal Holloway.

I heard the jurors were buying Jose’s relentless attacks on George. And don’t think Baez didn’t score some points when he blurted out: “This smiling guy here” comment.

A constantly smirking Jeff Ashton peeved me off endlessly and I suspect it had the same effect on the jurors. I heard Jeff’s retiring. Jose single-handedly boots the veteran prosecutor out on the street!

And why did Dr. Garavaglia take away the Caylee case from Dr. Schultz? Why? Because Dr. Garavaglia was in close cahoots with the media and with law enforcement.

Jan could spin the case against Casey and provide ‘smoking mirror science,’ where homicide can be determined by not calling 911, when there’s an accidental drowning.

Dr. Schultz refused to deem it a homicide, so he was removed from the case (Schultz was loyal to forensic science until the end).

Don’t get me started on HLN. They’ve been spinning this case negatively towards Tot Mom for three years straight.

This is not news reporting, it’s pure propaganda! Cheney Mason scolded the media yesterday, bitter after all this bile and vitriol from the media.

Okay, so the defense celebrated a tidbit after their victory, they deserved it. The press is not a court. HLN is not prosecuting this case, so they have no right to do so.

This is a victory for a hope of balanced news also. The jurors knew better, knew to file away to a lost folder HLN’s ruthless spins.

I still find it hard to believe that the prosecution used the hocus pocus video of Dr. Warren, where he finds a pic of Caylee and Casey, then proceeds to photoshop a piece of duct tape on Caylee’s mouth.

Snow-job technology that backfired in a big way. Phantom stains, phantom searches, phantom heart sticker. Autopsy? What autopsy? Dr. Spitz – discoloration in the back of the ears wasn’t present.

Therefore, it rules out suffocation. Duct tape on the face as the cause of death, out the window. Here’s some real forensic science for you!

And now people are bitter because Casey got off. How many of these people watched all the witnesses? How many looked at all of the evidence?

And how many merely blindly tuned in HLN and (stupidly) took in a completely slanted point of view, without attempting to criticize what HLN was selling them? Very few, I must suggest.