Reminder to Nepali Duo-Comrades, Prachanda and JN Khanal!

It is very surprising to hear UML is forwarding Madhav Kumar Nepal or Sahana Pradhan for the President of Nepal. If this happens, it could easily divide the Maoists and UML. How could Madhav Nepal be fit to be President? He was rejected by the people. He lost two constituencies. It is his incompetent leadership that made UML stand third. It just won a few more seats than the Madesh Janaadhikar Forum (MJF) which was established only 11 months ago.

It is already known that Madhav Nepal went to ‘Dam Rakhne Ceremony’ when Gyanendra Shah became King. Madhav Nepal made Nepali people’s head bow down to the feudal autocrat. He did not feel shame doing this to appease King Gyanendra. He thought the King would invite him to become Prime Minister. People of Nepal felt so unhappy to know that when his mother was about to die, Madhav Nepal was tidying his dress to go to the palace for administration of the oath as Prime Minister.

The other very disgusting thing people know about Madhav Nepal is that he never offered a drop of water to his neighbors when he was getting tanker after tanker of water. He who does not care for his neighbors cannot care for the entire Nepali people. He who does not care about the health of a mother cannot care for the betterment of a motherland. People are already saying Madhav Nepal as President is an insult to the people. It is an insult to the whole motherhood. It is an insult to the Motherland, Nepal.

Another equally floated name is Sahana Pradhan. She is Burmese. If people identified as foreigners could become President just because she is a known politician’s wife (Pushpa Lal), what precedence will it establish for the future Republic of Nepal. Republic will die prematurely. Sahana Pradhan has enjoyed a position as Senior Ministers for some time. She is also responsible for breaking UML and creating Nepal Communist Party (ML) just to become President of the party. In this sense, Sahana Pradhan is no less of a power monger than Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and Madhav Nepal.

It is suggested a person who has already hold the ministerial portfolio should not be forwarded for the first Presidency of Nepal. They all are tested and people view them inefficient and incapable. They all were involved in under-the-table dealings for commissions.

How can people see one of those as President. It will undermine the position of the first President of Nepal thereby forcing people to think Monarchy is far better than Republic. Not to mention the present squabbling for power has already made people turn their sympathy towards the former King and that in an unprecedented manner. In ,y opinion, this tendency will definitely stage the King’s comeback within a year or so.

Against those backdrops, one can easily suggest that the person who holds Nepal’s President’s high job should be very clean and he or she who was never involved in corruption or any wrong doing. Unified Marxist Leninist (UML) should find this type of person if it is offered Presidency. At the same time, the Maoists must give their acceptance. Taking NC and others into confidence is equally important.

It is therefore, the duo-comrades, Mr. Prachanda and Mr. Jhala Nath Khanal, who should think about finding good comrades who have not already occupied positions and been involved in corruption or party politics. You can think about Comrade Amrit Bohara, Comrade Karmacharya or any others not engaged in party politics who is an international figure at the same time.