Peace Foundation Demands: Stop Ethnic Conflict, Start Clearing Tribal Belts And Blocks

Borosa Foundation for Peace, Democracy & Human Rights demands immediate stop to ethnic conflict, begin clearance of illegal encroachers from tribal belts is Assam

The Borosa Foundation for Peace, Democracy and Human Rights (BFPDHR) on 28th August, 2012, strongly condemns the recent ongoing bloody ethnic conflict between Bodo Tribe peoples and the Bengali Speaking Religious Minority Muslim Community, who are branded as ‘Bangladeshi’, recurring in Assam.

According to their press note, claims the recurrence of this communal violence is a clear example of Assam State Government’s one sided, biased, defective, irresponsible and minority appeasement approach in handling the most sensitive issues of the recent ethnic-conflict in the western part of the state.

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Indian National Congress or Congress (Indira) leader and former Chief Minister of Indian State, Assam, Dr. Bhumidhar Barman visited the relief camps of Bodo Tribe Community and talking with the victims at Bodoland Territorial And District Council (BTADC) of Indian State, Assam, where Bodo Tribe peoples took shelter after the ethnic conflict broke out

There has been a complete lack of strong political will and commitment to protect the fundamental rights of life and property of the Indigenous Boro and other local ethnic communities of Assam. The dubious roles of the government officials including local civil administrations and high profile police officials in the recent riot affected districts of the state are responsible for this recurrence of violence.

The Vice-President of the organization, Anju Jidung stated, “We are deeply shocked with this repetition of the communal-riots and considering the serious volatile situation. We would like to appeal to all sections of people of the state, Assam to refrain from indulging in any violent activities and to maintain peace, harmony and tranquility among all sections of the people for the best interest of peaceful co-existence for all.”

Jebra Ram Muchahary, BFPDHR President had spoken by telephone about the organization’s press note to journalists, and he reiterated:

“The most important demands of our organisation are:

Firstly: Immediately seal the international porous borders between India and Bangladesh and take major steps to stop incessant illegal immigrants crossing the Indo-Bangla international boundary into Eastern Indian State, Assam and its neighbouring eight states (Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya, Tripura, Sikkim and West Bengal) and the Government of India should adopt effective mechanisms to identify, detect, remove and deport all the illegal encroachers or settlers from the entire region, before it is too late.

Secondly: Launch clearing the ethnic or Tribal Belts and Blocks from illegal settlers from the state, as well as the region.

Thirdly: Constitute a high level enquiry team headed by a sitting judge of the Supreme Court of India to unearth the conspiracy theory behind the on-going ethnic-violent incidents and to book the culprits in designing and fomenting the communal violence including the politicians and high ranking administrative officials, who are involved in this mayhem.

Fourthly: Stop discrimination and violation of human rights, while handling the cases related to the above communal-riots and

Fifthly: Make sure to protect the fundamental rights and interest of the people without prejudice to castes, creeds, colours, religions and communities, while handling the serious cases of ethnic-violence like this.”

Joseph Debbarma, Treasurer of the BFPDHR organization clearly mentioned in the press release, “We also recommend the concerned authority to prioritize and act urgently and effectively to:

a) Stop violence right away to ensure to thwart the further escalation and spread of the communal-violence of the state.

b) Endow with adequate security arrangement in sensitive areas and to provide immediate sufficient relief materials including food, safe-drinking water, clothes, medicines and electricity in the relief camps areas of the communal-clashes.

c) Provide adequate compensation to the bereaved persons and their families and injured victims of communal-conflicts.

d) Ensure appropriate rehabilitation with full safety and security measures of the affected peoples in the ongoing ethnic-violence.

e) Start adequate measures for confidence re-building among all sections of affected peoples in the violence by involving all the stake holders of the ethnic-riots.”

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Shib Shankar Chatterjee is a former BBC, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Statesman & The Telegraph Contributor-cum-Correspondent from Northeast India, who specializes in investigations of important issues affecting the people of South Asia, specially, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan & Myanmar.