Pakistan – The Victim of Suicidal Politics?

Pakistan is nowadays the centre of attraction for the whole world not only because of the historical flood but also for its terrorist activities. The ever deteriorating situation and political tussle along with the deep rooted radical mind-set are taking a huge toll on Pakistan.

Ajmal Qasab, A pakistan traind terroristr of 2611, Mumbai attack

Due to such radical suicidal politics these last days Pakistan had to face embarrassment when the British Prime Minister on his India tour blamed Pakistan for its dual role in Afghanistan and accused it of supporting the Taliban. He also said that his government would not tolerate the double standards of Pakistan and its support to terrorism in Afghanistan, India or any other part of the world. This truth didn’t go down well with Pakistan and the ISI head Shuja Pasha cancelled his British tour. It is to be noted that ISI officials were supposed to go to Britain to attend a meet on ‘cooperation against terrorism.’ Prior to this, Pakistan had to face a similar kind of embarrassment. In this situation, the question repeatedly arises whether this Pak-sponsored terrorism will ever be eradicated?

No doubt, Pak-born terrorism is a matter of concern for the whole world including India and South Asia. Though Pak rulers also seem worried about it, the US is the most concerned party. The US from time to time provides financial and military aid to Pakistan on its demand in order to combat terrorism. Pakistan too seems to be taking some action against the Taliban as per American wishes. But despite this, Taliban’s power is increasing – notwithstanding the actions taken by Pakistan.

This hard reality creates a doubt regarding the willingness of Pakistan to fight terror. And this doubt gets translated into belief when the Pak President Asif Ali Zardari says that the international community is losing the war against the Taliban. (Although the British Prime Minister Cameron also disagrees with such analysis of President Zardari.)

In addition to the charges of nexus with the Taliban, Pakistan has been providing shelter for many terrorist organisations for decades. India has often given proof to the Pak rulers relating to various secret terrorist training camps in the Pak Occupied Kashmir and in Pakistan itself. Not only have many areas in India been affected by this Pak sponsored terrorism, but Pakistan is itself becoming victim of it.

This deteriorating situation led Pakistan to a stage of emergency during Parvez Musharraf’s regime. Nowadays the reports regarding the support of terrorism in Pakistan, is unbelievable. But unfortunately it is also true and from trustworthy sources.

A arrested suicide attacker in Pakistan

These children are taken away from their poor parents in the name of religion. For this, they are paid a meagre amount of money and are told that either their child will become a victor or a martyr. The parents are told that in both the cases their child will go to ‘heaven’. Certainly these facts have made Pakistan feel ashamed.

Contrary to this, if we talk of the kids in China, experiments are also conducted on them – but their experiments are not for suicide attacks for getting to ‘heaven’ rather it is for participating in sports and athletics and for the purpose of winning the maximum of gold medals in the Olympics. In 2008, large numbers of Chinese kids were trained there during the preparations for the Beijing Olympics. The sole objective of their Government as well as their parents was to make them able to win more and more medals for China’s Olympics & not making them terrorists, suicide bombers or traders of so called ‘heaven.’

Some psychologists feel that most children adopt about 80 percent of their future lives’ habits and behaviour in the first five years. The other 20 percent imitate from their surroundings. If this logic is correct, then the future of those children can be predicted easily for those who have been introduced to dangerous weapons, suicide bombs, and jihadi ideology at this age. Can we ever expect love, affection, humanity, forgiveness and cooperation from these innocent children? The biggest worry is that to what extent this Pak-based nursery of terrorism will be harmful to Pakistan itself, Islam, humanity and the entire world.

In the political sphere, the image of Pakistan is now of a state run by negative and selfish leaders. Since its inception, Pakistan has frequently witnessed instability. Military coups by generals, by throwing out democratically elected governments and hanging Prime Ministers, or compelling an elected Prime Minister to leave the country, or putting them in prison have become common political process in Pakistan.

On 18th October 2007, the entire world was shocked when the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in a terror attack in Rawalpindi city in Pakistan. These inhuman terrorists didn’t even consider that Benazir was a woman. Other than this, Pakistan has many times witnessed military rule, emergency and marshal law. Today the condition is so bad that now hundreds of Pakistani soldiers are being kidnapped by the Taliban. The apparent weakening of the Pak army in front of terrorists and President Zardari’s statement encouraging terrorists indicates only two things – either terrorists have become stronger than the Army, or according to the fears of David Cameron and other world leaders, it is a planned conspiracy.

Both situations are not only shameful but also suicidal for Pakistan.