Pakistan Getting Worse in The Holy Month of Ramadan


The Month of holy Ramzan (Ramadan) has a special place in Islam. According to the Islamic mythology, the verses of the Holy Quran were communicated by the Allah (GOD) to the Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) in this very month.

In this month, the Muslims of the entire world observe a fast. There are many such directions provided in Islamic teachings for this month, according to which a practising Muslim should stay away from any kind of bad, wrong, immoral, unclean, inhumane or un-Islamic activity.

Though Pakistan’s notoriety is always news, whether it is related to nurturing the inhuman network of terrorism, political instability, bribery and corruption, communalism or sectarianism or double political standards.

But unfortunately, this country, boasting of being an important Islamic country of the world, couldn’t remain immune from its un-Islamic and inhuman activities even in the holy month of Ramzan. In this Ramzan, many such incidents happened in Pakistan which were not supposed to be there – even in a non-Islamic state.

Ramadan. Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
Ramadan. Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Mohammad Asif

Mohammad Asif was even ousted of a Malayalam (Indian) film by its director in which he had to act. He was signed up for the film just two months ago. This is the same Mohammad Asif who some time ago was caught with custody of contrabands in Dubai.

The present match-fixing scandal has exposed that dimension of these players which show that they are more interested in the ‘3 W’s’ – wine, women,& wealth. Due to this poor conduct of players, the Pakistani Prime Minister had to say that the whole country is shamed.

Most of the people participating in this procession were observing the Roza (fast). They were hungry and thirsty since morning and were going to break the Roza after concluding the procession. At that time, three suicide bombers entered that crowd of the Shiites and blew themselves up. Consequently, 30 people were killed on the spot while 35 were grievously injured.

Another 150 people were also injured. This incident happened in that same Pakistan which was created in the name of Islam. It is also noteworthy here that Pak-based terrorist organisation, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, which calls itself the saviour of Islam, has taken responsibility for this attack. Earlier also, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has carried out suicide attacks on different functions, mausoleums and mosques of Shiites, Sunnis and Ahmedias.

Those killing innocent people, and that too in the holy month of Ramzan, don’t deserve to be called human beings. The Prime Minister Gilani also called this a cowardly act.


On the same day, the US put Tehreek-e-Taliban in the list of banned terrorist organisations. Along with this, it has declared a reward of $5 million on TeT chief Hakimullah Mehsud. A danger to humanity, these people also call themselves the custodians of Islam. Hakimullah Mehsud is the same terrorist who was reported to be injured in a drone attack on the Af-Pak border on 14th January this year.

Later reports of his death and funeral also came out. But, after some days he reappeared in a brief press conference. The declaration of $5 million on the same ‘custodian’ of Islam in the month of Ramzan is a blot on Islam itself. The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi once again carried out a bloody attack on the 23rd of Ramzan in Quetta, Baluchistan when over a thousand Shia students were participating in a rally in support of Palestinians.

Two suicide bombers killed 60 people on the spot and another 200 were injured. So many other suicidal attacks and killings of innocent people are still being reported from different parts of Pakistan in the same holy month of Ramadan.


Unfortunately, nature too seemed discontented with Pakistan. Recent flooding in the Indus river is said to be the most dangerous and destructive flood in the history of Pakistan. In this time of natural disaster, when the entire world is giving a helping hand to Pakistan, at the same time communalism, sectarianism and terrorism are growing their heads at the same pace.

Reports are that even with the foreign aid received by Pakistan, the minorities are not being given their respective share. Besides, there is also partiality in the distribution of food items. Some time ago, in the month of Ramzan itself, there were reports of harassment of the people of Sikh community.

The above circumstances make one thing clear that when Pakistan can’t remain peaceful – even in the holy month of Ramzan, how can anyone expect any kind of human behaviour for rest of the year?


Had there been any feelings of affinity, harmony and brotherhood in these people, the country named Bangladesh would not have existed today.

But at the time of birth of Bangladesh in 1971, it was proved that the Indo-Pak partition in the name of religion was just a political foul play and propaganda to capture power by misguiding some Muslims. The people of Pakistan are still facing the consequences.

And if it continues, perhaps Pakistan will have to face the same for centuries.