NGOs to obverse Black Diwali

SIFF, AIMPF and CRISP to decide the further course of action in Sunday’s meeting

All India Mother In Law Protection Forum (AIMPF), Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) and Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP), NGOs working towards the cause of Family Harmony, Gender Equality and Child Rights announces to observe a ‘Black Diwali’

The members of the organisation termed Diwali as ‘Black, which is marked by a lot of suffering, harassment and mental trauma by the families who have been falsely implicated in dowry cases. Hundreds of families had been ruined, thousands of jobs were taken way, but still the law remains unchanged.

The members said that they are forced to observe black Diwali as the Indian Government and Law Ministry have turned deaf ears towards their demands. Even, Chandigarh is no different. “We have being meeting the authorities concerned in order to curb the registration of false dowry cases by the local police, but families are still being harassed and are implicated falsely. The police do not consider the Income Return, neither have take into account any list of the dowry article, which is mandatory before the registration of the FIR”, said Arun Gupta, coordinator SIFF.

The members stated that the local police have been requested many a times not to treat families booked under Dowry Cases with humiliation, but still there is no change. “Even after many requests, there is no change in the attitude of the local police. We will discuss the further course of action regarding meeting the top officials of the police department including Punjab and Haryana and also the state Chief Minister in the next meeting scheduled for Sunday at the Leisure Valley”, said Manjit Puri, in charge, North India of All India Mother In Law Protection Forum.

Amritpal Singh, coordinator CRISP said, “We have requested the members of all the three organisation, which working hand to hand against all anti men and family laws to observe a ‘*Black Diwali’. Who wish to celebrate Diwali with suffering and harassment”.