Nevada clergy applauds Colorado & New Mexico Senates for historic Hindu prayer

The Nevada Clergy Association has congratulated the State Senates of New Mexico and Colorado for their groundbreaking first Hindu opening prayers on January 28th and 29th, respectively, by prominent Hindu chaplain Rajan Zed of Nevada.

Right Reverend Gene Savoy Jr., President of the Association and Head Bishop of the International Community of Christ, in a statement issued at Reno (Nevada) today, said, “Religion is a very powerful and complex constituent of human life and it incorporates much more than our own personal experience or particular practice. We are all interconnected, interdependent and there are lot of similarities in doctrines among various belief systems.”

Savoy further said, “A more inclusive and broader understanding of religion is necessary and we should seek unity that celebrates diversity. We should learn to live and celebrate together with our different traditions, not only in peace but also in some sort of mutual devotion and trust. In our shared pursuit for the truth, we can learn from each other.”

He stated that it was very brilliant on the part of Colorado and New Mexico Senates to invite a Hindu chaplain for the prayer/blessing and these Senates must be applauded for this gesture.

Savoy praised Rajan Zed for his efforts in spreading the message of love and peace and added that they were very proud of Zed because of his outstanding contributions in social, religious, and humanitarian causes in the region. He assured Zed full support of Nevada clergy.

The Nevada Clergy Association is composed of priests/pastors/ministers of various

Christian denominations, such as Roman Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Anglican, Latter-Day Saints, etc., as well as Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Baha’i, and Native American religions in Nevada.

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